Energy and a heater

I’ve decided that I’m sick of this cold winter. I am fed up with setting the thermostat just high enough where I can tolerate it. I walk around my house, shivering and sneezing, because I’m seeking to conserve power. I’m hoping to save a few dollars on my monthly bills this time around. My utility bills are way too high and I must work a lot just to cover them. I hate going to work in this freezing cold climate. I have to start our automobile about twenty minutes before I need to take off, just to let the heater warm things up. I’m trying to melt the ice from my rear window. While the car warms up, I shovel the snow from the sidewalk. Then I drive on hazardous, snowy roads, and need to drive extremely slow. It takes too long. On the weekends, I just stay bundled in the home, trying to stay warm. I’ve decided this weekend I will crank up my furnace, and heat my house up. I’m going to establish my thermostat at eighty degrees. I’ll get out a beach towel and place it on my floor and play beach music above from the speakers. I’ll wear my bikini and produce a pitcher of strawberry mojitos. I am about to pretend that I am lying a tropical beach with toasty sunshine rather than gray clouds, palm trees instead of pine needles, and sand instead of hardwood floor. I won’t think in regards to my outrageous energy bills or even salting the pavement. I’ll forget all about shoveling snow and changing my air filters on the HVAC equipment. Let me close my eyes and just enjoy this time alone.ductwork