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When I began remodeling my house, I decided I’d personally do everything while keeping my son as the primary goal. Therefore, I converted a spare bedroom in a playroom that he can have a bunch of fun in. I put down special carpet tiles that are kind of funny looking but extremely safe to play on. I also filled it with a lot of bright colors and fun online games. He absolutely loves it and spends the majority his time in there when he gets home from daycare each afternoon. The best part about that room is that there are little to no video games within it. Every toy or game involves some sort of imagination or motor skills to be utilized. He doesn’t even recognize he’s missing his online gaming system anymore. While the game room was just for him, the electric furnace I did installed was for him too. I was a person that experienced the horrors of a house fire as a young kid and feared greatly for my son to experience the same. I still possess a solid fear of tall fire flames. I never want him to be to feel unsafe in his home. I bought a heater that won’t leak carbon monoxide and has  the highest safety rating in their class. It is truly the majority of superior form of heating equipment when it comes to electric furnaces. I hope we spend many more years of safe fun with this house. He is already getting so old and I simply want him to have fun and mature in this safe home with the ideal heating and cooling equipment now available.

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