Easy ways to stay comfortable

I am totally falling behind when it comes to my job, and I am freaking out about it. I work from home, and do all of my assignments on my computer. I really enjoy working at home sometimes. During some months, I have hardly any projects by any means. Other months, I am overwhelmed with work and don’t have time to eat or catch some shut eye. Over the summer, when I was working around the clock, I was trapped inside from first thing in the morning until I rest my head at night. I couldn’t move far from my desk, or even leave my computer chair. I was fortunate for my window, because if it wasn’t for the window I wouldn’t have been able to look outside and appreciate the sunshine. I could hear my grandparents splashing in the pool and having a good time. I was also grateful for my home’s central air conditioning, because it allowed me to remain completely comfortable. I do not think I would have had the strength to keep working if I was working in an environment of ungodly heat and brutal wetness. My office is very pleasant and always maintained at a perfect temperature. Over the past few months, I have had very little work, and I was able to relax somewhat. I made sure to schedule maintenance for the house HVAC system, get the swimming pool covered, and tidy up the home for winter. Now, December has arrived, and I am flooded with work again. I have so much stress and anxiety that I am unable to fall asleep at night. Also adding to that, I have a very upset stomach and a throbbing migraine. I have no time to take into account the holidays and definitely not able to plan for them. Thank goodness my wife Felicia is handling the entirety of our holiday errands. All I ever do is sit inside at my desk, focus on my work output, and pray that I can somehow find a way to complete all of my projects. I am relieved that the furnace is operating properly, maintaining our comfortable air temperature.ductwork