Ductwork cleaning

When I was young I used to have  sleepovers with my close friends. I remember in the springtime was mostly whenever we would have our slumber parties. It would be my five best friends along with myself. We always had a great time. I miss those days, of having no responsibility or worries, like i have today. Now I’m a mom and I have the responsibility of caring for myself and also for my child. My daughter was the identical age that I was when I started having and also going to sleepovers. My daughter has gone to the one of her friends house an adequate amount for sleepovers, so the other day I enquired  why she doesn’t ask her friends to come over here just as often. She thought about it  a little. Then the following weekend she invited three girls over to our house. The girls were outside playing with the puppy for most of the day. Around supper time the girls all came inside of the house to eat and watch a movie for the rest of the night. I went to sleep and told the four girls not to stay up past midnight. I woke up the next morning to popcorn covering my living room floor. I figured that our new puppy had gotten ahold of it, but I didn’t realize which it was my daughter and her friend’s who decided to get a popcorn fight. Clearly I did not realize that it was the girls that got into the popcorn so aggressively. it turned out that there popcorn got into the HVAC vents. Thankfully our HVAC technician is great and he cleaned out the vents. Then I had a stern talking to with my daughter about throwing popcorn around the house.

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