ductless air conditioner is cool

I was recently talking to a friend whose mother is elderly. I believe she is 92 years young. She no longer should live alone, so my friend has her mom live with her for half the season and my friend’s sister enjoys her mom’s companionship for the other half of the 12 months. My friend lives here in an exceedingly warm area, but his sister lives way up north where it gets pretty darn cold for 6 months a year. Since their mom continues to get older, she really needs to own good quality air and relatively temperate housing. Here in the south, the major component of the HVAC system is the cooling system, otherwise known as the air conditioning. Here in the south, people run their heating system for only a couple months a year. At one other house, the elderly lady usually uses the heater. Her daughter up there just installed an exciting new type of heating and cooling system. It’s usually known as a mini split air conditioner along with zone control. It is very convenient with the way her house is assembled. It is a mostly open floor plan with just the bedrooms being separate, so there is one unit in the largest area, and there is a unit from each bedroom. It almost could be a glorified window air conditioner, but it’s much more efficient and present day. The HVAC zone control is awesome because it could be toasty warm in the bedroom and not quite so hot in the lounge room. This is a great heating and cooling system because you can adjust your temperature according to individual preferences of family and friends. Sounds like it would be beneficial to newlyweds too!

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