Dressing for outdoor wedding with bad HVAC

My boyfriend’s friend recently got married nearby. I know them from going to bars together with other friends as well. My boyfriend decided to wait till the last minute to tell me he still hadn’t bought them a wedding gift yet. He had been too busy working so I’ll allow it to sadly slide this one time. I had to go to the store on my own and figure out things to purchase for his friend. He didn’t have any input as to what to get her, so I basically had to get something that I thought that I would really prefer when being given a gift. I did end up finding something for them though. It was their wedding day finally and my boyfriend didn’t know where the wedding would definitely be held either. It turns out that the wedding was outside the entire time. I had been wearing a strapless dress for the wedding! I would definitely be freezing the whole time of being there. When we were inside the tent I did not see any ductwork that would bring use the outside air and force it into a heating unit, so that once the air came out from the ductwork it would be quite warm on the inside of the tent. I asked one of this bridesmaids and she said they would bring the ductwork in from the outside of the tent once it got cooler outside then. I guess I should have been a lot more patient, but I am the kind of person who enjoys and must have heat when it’s cold out. I always have my heater running at my house when it’s cold outside and I ensure that I have maintenance checks with my HVAC provider at least once a year.

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