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My parents have been trying to get my wife and I to move back north for as long as we’ve lived in the South. I moved there with my wife when she got into graduate school, and we have lived there ever since. Now that we are planning a family, we decided it would be in our best interests to move back North close to our parents. They are all recently retired, and cannot wait to have grandchildren to look after. This would help us out immensely so we could save on childcare fees while we are working both of our jobs. We bought a lovely home, a couple of blocks from theirs. When we moved in this neighborhood, we knew that it would be cold for a good portion of the year, but we had no idea how cold it would get during the winters up here. Therefore, we decided that it was in our best interest to either get a wood burning stove, or a fireplace for the family room. Having children would pretty much solidify the fact that we would spend a good amount of time in the family room. I called up the local HVAC business in the neighborhood and they sent a very knowledgeable technician to come and scoop things out. He gave us a rather generous quote on how much we would need to spend, and said he could install a really nice has heated unit for us to enjoy. We purchased a fantastic gas fireplace, and thus far it heats the room better than I was expecting. The warmth that comes from is really amazing and comforting, which is going to be great during the winters below zero.

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