Cooling your home down

Working at a restaurant is a wonderful job. I mean it isn’t always a walk in the park, answering to guests and also the kitchen but the money is great. It also allows you to interact with some great people and should you do your job right, make some person’s day. Most of your shift is spent moving around on your feet. You are running around trying to make sure your guest has the very best experience possible. Especially in the summer, air conditioning is not only a perk but also something that is necessary to keep us going. If it is too hot inside the restaurant you are miserable plus the guests are not too happy with you. This just creates an awful shift. However, the restaurant I work at likes to keep the place too cold. This is also not the most effective solution either. There have been several days where I have come into work and their air conditioner was running at full capability. This is just as bad, or maybe even worse than it being too warm in the restaurant. The cooling unit is designed to make the atmosphere enjoyable and comfortable but it is having the opposite effect. Most of the customers complain or move to make themselves more comfortable and they get angry. When I tell the managers they ignore the problem and don’t touch the thermostat. I can’t imagine how much they are spending with energy costs, but it has to be a lot since they are keeping it on full blast. They are not able to pay us more money but will throw away cash on over using their HVAC system.

A/C unit