Controlling the clubhouse temperatures

Just this previous summer, I realized that my son and I never really had a traditional father and son bonding experience, so I decided to develop one. He was 10 years old then, but very interested in how things work and hands-on kinds of projects. My first idea was to build a treehouse, but we really don’t have any good trees for that. So then I figured, okay, let’s just build a club house for him in addition to his friends. The whole process was an enjoyable experience for both of us, but I realized pretty quickly it was about to be super hot in there. Good thing that I still had extra air conditioner and it was a window unit! The biggest challenge was making the window sturdy enough to compliment the weight of the air conditioner. It was an old unit so it weighed a great deal. Once stabilized though, I replaced air filter, made sure everything was running well, and we were in business. In fact, that air conditioner did wonders, and I debated whether or not I might have to start hanging out in the clubhouse too. We have a regular HVAC system inside our home, but my wife does not like running the air conditioner all that much which keeps the electric bill down. Honestly, this was perfect. Whenever I wanted to cool down, rather than argue with her, I would just go crank the air conditioner within the club house. She caught me out there several times, cooling down with a beer while the kids were at school.air vent