Climate control information

A friend of mine and I moved in together about a month ago. We were both paying too much for rent and we couldn’t afford it, it made sense for us to cut our expenses by 50%. I was a little nervous that living together could put tension on our friendship, but we established a set of ground rules. We don’t borrow each other’s clothes, and we split the bill on all groceries and amenities. The first month, we no issues at all. But then, the outside temperature dropped, and we had to start the furnace up. She cranked the thermostat up to seventy eight degrees immediately. It wasn’t freezing cold outside. The furnace did not need to be working at full capacity for us to be comfortable. I eventually got her to turn the thermostat down just a little. Each day before I left for work, I would turn down the temperature a little more. We are both at  work all day, so it makes for the best time to conserve energy and save money. When I came home after work, the thermostat was once again turned up to eighty degrees, and my friend wasn’t around. She had to turned it up before she left to go to work. When she came back home, I tried my hardest to not scream at her. I nicely suggested that we can’t waste heat when neither of us are around. She said she didn’t like coming home to a cold apartment. We decided to invest in a smart thermostat. I hope that it’ll solve our problem. With ease, the HVAC system can be set to keep a cooler temperature during the day when we are not home, or sleeping, and we can have it kick on just before we get home.air conditioning