Clearing out my air vents

I am going to always fondly remember the feeling in highschool of finding my way back home after a long afternoon at school. I would drive home and feel that I was the most awesome dude alive inside my parent’s car. I felt so old and I might sometimes give my friends a ride home too. I would walk inside the household and immediately walk over to the particular snack cabinet. I was always starving and I thought I was the bee’s knees and too cool for the school lunches. Considering the fact that all the cool guys would complain about how terrible the school lunch seemed to be, that was me as well. I would complete my homework immediately, then I would allow my pup to go outside. I allowed my dog to run out there for almost 15 minutes since she was cooped up inside the house all day while I had been at class and my parents were at the office. While doing my assignments I heard an audio that sounded like my dog was gnawing at something. I looked over and saw that my dog was licking at the air register. It seemed like she was looking to grab something out of it. I took a flashlight and didn’t see anything, yet I immediately heard a noise. It sounded like something was stuck in our ductwork system. I was afraid of some kind of animal or rodent potentially living in here. I called my folks and so they said that they I should call our local HVAC service provider. I called our local HVAC provider and he arrived within an hour or two. He inspected the old ductwork system and couldn’t find anything making noise.

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