Cleaning your air quality

During the winter time, I get many colds. When I get sick it lasts a long time too. I just lie on the couch and watch a lot of movies. I make my girlfriend take good care of me. I act like this type of big baby. The worse is when I can’t breathe out of my nose. If the heater is actually on, it makes the place even dryer. The humidity levels are increasingly low. This causes my nose to feel a lot more dry and painful. The constant blowing of my nose causes it to be worse. I have even made my nose bleed from blowing it to complete dryness before. Not only does having an absence of humidity make my colds even worse, but the lack of a correct air filtration system increases the complications. You need clean air in order to get healthy again. You can’t be breathing in a number of harmful debris and microorganisms. I wish to invest in a UV air cleanser. Those are the best you will get. Hospitals use them in operating rooms. They trap and get rid of even the smallest of microorganisms that can gather in your ductwork. It usually works jointly with your regular air filters. With the two of them, your furnace and air conditioner will simply blow out clean, fresh, as well as pure conditioned air. You can easily get over sickness or even prevent it altogether. It may be expensive to install at first, but think of all the amount of money you can save from not having to visit the doctors or pay for medications that your particular doctor prescribes.

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