Changing out your air filters

I’m an extremely forgetful person. That has given me lots of problems in my life. I’ve truly forgotten to wish my mom a happy birthday on a couple of different occasions. I don’t forget on purpose. I just forget what day it really is and end up hurting people’s feelings sometimes. My forgetfulness has hurt me at other times also. I forgot to get my car’s oil changed a really long time and I actually found myself damaging the engine pretty badly. I’m not good at remembering to do things around the house either. When it comes to my HVAC equipment, I always forget to switch the air filters. I recognize how important they are, too. When I had my air conditioner installed quite a while back, the HVAC technician said how important it is to swap out old filters. He said my air filters should be replaced every month. I run my air conditioner a good deal in the summer, too, so I know those filters probably clog up pretty fast. On the other hand, I think I forgot to change the filters in my heating and cooling equipment for up to 5 or 6 months at one point. I’m sure I didn’t help the indoor air quality of my home by doing that. I bet it affected the efficiency of my HVAC system too. I love saving money, but clogged air filters can certainly make heaters and air conditioners work trickier, requiring me to pay more money in utility bills. I can only wish my memory gets better as I get older.

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