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Scuba is a entertaining game inspired by minecraft and terraria. You are a space explorer craving for discoveries and adventures. Your ship..

Minecraft Creeper Diamond Adventure

Here is another simple minecraft platformer. You play as a creeper trying to get diamonds.

Caved In

Another browser game inspired by minecraft. Caved In was inspired by Minecraft, Terraria, Dwarf Fortress, and dungeon crawlers. The..

Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is an awesome 2D Minecraft in Flash, which is designed by Zanzlanz. Mine Blocks is included most of Minecraft’s..

Minecraft Tower Defence 2

Sequel to the original Minecraft Tower Defence  

Minecraft Tower Defence

Another great  free browser game like minecraft


Cubelands is also a Minecraft like game. The graphics of the game is minimalistic to support the browsers. It is off course is a..

Block Miner

Block Miner is a free browser game. It is a multiplayer game which can be played on your browser ( Mozilla, Chrome, IE or Opera etc).This..

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