annoying sibling fights

I am the second oldest child in our family. I have two brothers together with sister. My parents tend to leave me in control often when they are out there somewhere because my older brother moved out. Sometimes they leave for a couple days. It’s fine, I’m eighteen years of age and more than capable of running our family. I make dinner for my siblings and make certain the house stays clean. Typically my brother and sister apparently enjoy when I am the leader because I pretty much let them get away with anything that doesn’t cause them or our house any harm. I usually like being responsible but my sister tends to be a tattle tale. I’m not allowed to have friends over when my parents are away, for illustration, and I should be capable of getting away with it nevertheless my sister will tattle on me. The one thing I can’t stand is that my own parents don’t want us even looking at the thermostat. When I am in charge I wish to just crank the air conditioning and relax inside the coolness of our home. If I had my way the house has to be around sixty-five degrees instead of within the mid seventy degree temperature that our parents leave the thermostat set at. Once again, I should be capable of getting away with adjusting the thermostat while they are away but every time I touch it my little sister complains about the cold and threatens to tell on me. I can’t wait until I am old enough to move away from home and get my own place where I am able to have the thermostat set to whatever I’d like.

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