Air vents

I own my own bookstore near the coast where tourists often visit. Weather conditions can get crazy by the water causing it to get cool out. Last January there was a very serious snow storm that occurred. The snow started to fall so rapidly I couldn’t even drive home that night. I was forced to sleep at my bookstore. It wasn’t so bad though since I had couches in the store for customers to sit and read if they wanted to. It turned out to be a wild night though. As the snow fell outside I noticed the store getting colder. I checked the thermostat that was set to 72 but was only reading 62 degrees. I noticed that I couldn’t hear the unit turn on which wasn’t normal. If i wanted it to get warmer I had to go outside and fix the problem on my own. The ignition switch was fine. I took a second to think. I noticed the steam rising out from my coffee mug and the problem hit me. The problem was the exhaust vent located on the roof. The furnace has an internal carbon monoxide detector that automatically shuts the system off when it detects the deadly gas. The vents were clogged with snow. Knowing the night time would be cold and harsh without heat, I put on my boots and scraped around the roof with the compacted snow shovel. Thankfully my furnace had the safety feature and powered down automatically. It was a blessing in disguise. If it hadn’t I would not have been alive to witness the sun rise over the snow covered town the following morning.air duct sealing