air quality

When I was growing up, I felt as if my grandparents house was the most magical place on earth. Walking through their front door meant being swept away to a faraway land. There were large, incredibly beautiful paintings covering every single wall, filled with ocean scenes and magnificent sunsets. Each painting had so much vivid color that I couldn’t stop myself from staring at them for hours at a time. Clear, crystal figurines lined each surface of the house, and I loved watching sunlight dance through them as I walked by. Even the floors seemed to be their own work of art, the wood polished and gleaming. Every room in the house combined a refined sense of detail and elegance, and I felt like it was the fanciest, most magical place in the world. Part of that came from the pristine indoor air quality. My grandparents had an air purification system installed, and the air purifier created the freshest and cleanest indoor air. When the hot and humid months of summer arrived, the air conditioning was constantly running on high, and my parents would force me to bring sweaters along with me. My grandfather always wanted to have an exceptionally cool home amidst all the oppressive heat outside. This seemed incredibly luxurious, because I was not used to having air conditioning. At home, my parents avoided turning the air conditioning on high, to avoid high electric bills. Although winters were never too harsh, whenever the temperatures dropped, I knew we would be visiting my grandparents. I always loved sitting around the furnace, drinking mugs of hot chocolate and hearing my grandmother tell her stories. Even as an adult, these are my favorite memories, and I have done my best to pass along similar memories to my grandchildren.  HVAC maintenance