Air leaks can be very problematic

We cannot remember who exactly it turned out to be, but I learned in school a very influential person in history use to leave their windows open, even within the winter. They believed that this could allow fresh air to enter the house, and they could avoid getting really sick. Personally, this seemed as a long shot when I heard it. Why the heck would you allow freezing air to enter your home, when you’re probably paying a ton to heat it. Sure, back then it was probably just a wooden fire burner, but still. Someone had been chopping that wood and breaking their back keeping the flames lit. Could you imagine just forking over money to run your electric powered or gas furnaces, only to have that be leaking from an opened window? That does not really make much sense. In truth, most HVAC professionals advise you to ensure your property is actually airtight so the opposite happens. You want to allow the heated air being blown into your house to circulate. It is proven that most of your leaking air stems from your windows and doors. Therefore, before winter begins, you will need to get them sealed tight. Not only has the heating equipment evolved because first innovators made a solid wood burning furnace, but so has the filtration systems. Most folks have air filtration systems inside their ductwork that allows fresh air to be brought into their home. It filters out the grimy contaminants that could make you sick. Although you ought to leave your home periodically, in the winter it may well be best to just allow your HVAC unit to do it’s job in providing the fresh air and humidity control.

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