Air filter ratings

I tend to be a forgetful person. From the forgetting things as a little one and my mother getting frustrated with me at night. For example, she would pack me an excellent lunch for the school day before she left for work. All I had to do was grab it outside the fridge before I got went to the school bus. However, everyday it slipped my mind. My mom would get home and see the lunch still sitting in front of the fridge. She would then holler in me, asking why she took the time to make me food to begin with if I was just likely to leave it at home. These days, as an adult, I am still very forgetful. My husband wanted me to go grab some air filters for the HVAC equipment store last Wednesday. I was nervous that I wouldn’t know what kind to get, but he assured me which he would write down exactly what we should needed. When I left to go to the store, can you guess what I did? I forgot the piece of paper with all the info on it back for the house. I got to the store and had no idea what to tell the sales associate about my heating and cooling equipment. The guy sort of laughed and sold me filters with an average MERV rating so these folks were not super dense, but would still collect a reasonable amount of dirt and grim. I took them out in the packaging when I got home and my hubby put them in right away. It’s been a few days and he hasn’t noticed but!

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