Air filter changes told to me

My spouse and I are having marital problems since a year ago. We tried counseling, but found it being no help at all. We tried talking through our conditions ourselves, but this did not have a good outcome either. And once we decided to legally separate 8 weeks ago, it was a good solution. My wife chose to move out and I was left to stay in our house alone. I was totally okay with this, figuring out new living arrangements will be a lot of work. However, I found that handling this huge house was also a plethora of work! Thankfully, my HVAC company sent me a reminder postcard in the mail with information on appointment scheduling a tune up prior to the winter season starting. I was so happy they did this because I definitely may have forgotten about the appointment. My significant other always handled these type of appointments before we separated. I contacted my local HVAC supplier later that same week in addition to scheduled a maintenance appointment. I bet that she was hoping that I would forget about this HVAC maintenance appointment and therefore the system would break down on me during the cold winter months. I really should not be thinking about her like this, but it is hard not to ever. I spent many years of living with her and know her inside and out. While I still love her, I attended to realize that she is often a very nasty woman and would go out of her way to hurt people. At least my HVAC system will be functioning properly this winter season.

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