Air conditioner that leaks

I am never particularly excited when the first of the week comes around, but this week I was especially displeased. My entire day dragged on at my workplace, which is completely normal on a Monday. All I wanted was to leave work, go home, make some food, relax, and have a good night’s sleep. As a substitute, I left work and came home to a massive wreck in my house. My air conditioner was dripping inside my house. There was water all over and it was a complete disaster. I had no clue precisely what happened and tried mopping up the many water drips. After discovering the drip, I called my HVAC supplier. They are quite familiar with me since I have been using their HVAC services for years and years. I frantically explained what was happening and begged for them to send out a technician. Unfortunately, no technicians were available right then and I’d to wait until the following day to get a technician come over to examine my leaking air conditioner. When a technician arrived, he acted like it was absolutely no problem in any respect. He said that air conditioners leak like that and that it was nothing to get too distraught about. My condensate line was filled with a bunch of gross stuff and it was so clogged up. The technician used water pressure to clear the line and promised me of the fact that the leak would stop. He is right. Two days later, my air conditioner still wasn’t leaking, so I am pleased. I am glad that I made a decision to call my HVAC company the minute I spotted the leak. Merely had I not called them, I would still be dealing with an unfortunate mess!

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