Air conditioner installation

I’ve found something that I hate a whole lot worse than ductwork. I hate Canadian geese. These horrible birds currently live in my yard. I am not an animal lover. I have decided that I must kill these birds. They are ruining my yard and making noise well into the night. They always have been making noise really early in the morning too. When I decide that it had been the day to kill them my friend informed me that they just weren’t in season. I am not allowed to kill the geese since they are not in hunting season. I truly do not want to lose my hunting license for these dumb animals. Now what I am doing is chasing them off my property a few times per day. I am hoping they’ll get hit by a car or truck. No such luck yet. I can’t sleep though while these Canadian geese are constantly honking outside of my home. I determined a solution. What I do is turn on my air conditioning. My cooling unit makes enough noise to drown out the noise made by the geese. It is utterly wonderful. As soon as I hit the sack I turn on my cooling device and I can sleep through the night. I used to hate the air conditioning unit. I felt like I was always cleaning my own ductwork. Also I would frequently have cracks in my ductwork and would be losing air and efficiency. It seemed like I was constantly calling my community HVAC technician about my ductwork. It is 100% worth messing with ductwork to not hear the geese. I am so thankful for my cooling products. Now all I need is to find a way to eliminate the geese for good.