Adjusting your thermostat

We need my home to be just a little warmer. I work from home so I am constantly working in my office. When I am not working I like to exercise in my gym. I unfortunately sweat a good deal. The issue I have currently is that my heating system heats my entire home. My gym will be the same temperature as my place of work. When I work this is no problem. When I exercise I nearly faint because of the heat. I usually turn off my furnace while I exercise. By the time I am done exercising and have showered, my home is extremely cold. Then I get zero work done because my business office is too cold. I also am taking some college classes on campus. Monday I’m gone all day from residence. It seems like a huge waste of money to heat an empty house. But I do not need to come home to a very cold house. My local HVAC technician recommended installing thermostats within my home. You can install up to eight thermostats at your residence. There are digital thermostats which have proven to be user friendly. These are typically for older homeowners. The screen is easy to read and see. Wireless thermostats are similar as they are wall mounted units too. Wireless thermostats possess a remote to control them however. For my home I think I will get a smart thermostat. This thermostat works with with my smartphone. I am now able to turn my heating system off while I am in college and turn it on when I am on the way home. I do not have to heat an empty house and I don’t need to be cold when I get back.

wireless thermostat