Adjusting a cooling unit

I never spent so many hours in my basement. It was the dead of summer. My young son had just finished exams and was now home everyday. He had just learned how to play Texas Hold ‘Em poker and asked if I wanted to play him. Unfortunately, our air conditioner was malfunctioning and the house was much too hot to pay attention to anything. I decided that we could go in the basement and play games down there. We don’t even have a finished basement, but I found a short table along with a few chairs. We played cards there for the next two days, waiting for the HVAC professional to come fix our air conditioner. A major heat wave had come through. It had been the ninth straight day over 100 degrees. Apparently HVAC businesses couldn’t keep up with all the broken cooling devices around our region. However, the day finally came and the HVAC technician came to fix our cooling equipment. He told me that my air filters were filled up and that he swapped out a broken part in my unit. He said he also refilled the refrigerant given it was a little low. All of us went upstairs, messed with the thermostat for just a few minutes, and then cold air began seeping outside of every air vent. We have been so happy since. The HVAC specialist said he had done more than 10 air conditioner repairs over the last two days. He said he had more to perform as well. I was just happy we could finally play poker upstairs in our home.

HVAC service appointment