A/C on a hot day

Summer is a time to be hot in the sunshine. I love how warm it is every day and night. I could spend all day outside lounging in my pool or doing work across the yard. On days when it gets really warm, I love being able to just jump in the pool. The cool water would make the summer heat much more bearable. One summer day got so hot that not even the pool was enough, nevertheless. On days like that I really do rely on my air conditioner to save me from the summer sun. I have a large central air conditioning unit that cools every room in my house. The air conditioner sits in my backyard, where I have arranged the landscaping around it so it’s just barely possible to see the air conditioner. On hot summer days I turn my thermostat down below seventy degrees. There is a steady amount of cold air from every vent in the home. My air conditioner is fairly new thus I am not worried about it conking out. It just works, day in and day out. The house stays cool and comfortable even in the hottest summer days. I have started directing the air conditioning vents to blow on me wherever I roam in the house. Without my air conditioner, I may not survive these hot summer times. Even my pool does not help, compared to the cool air that is there in my house. The air conditioning is even better at night. It would be practically impossible to fall asleep without the air conditioning on. I cannot drift off if I am too warm.