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No-one wants to schedule professional service when their air conditioner seems to be working fine. But annual repair are relatively inexpensive. The alternative should be to wait for your system to fail. Repairs are typically five times more expensive than scheduled service. You may be faced with complete system failure. Replacing the entire unit is far more expensive and disruptive than seasonal check-ups. Consider that repairs always happen at the worst times. They are demanding and inconvenient. Your home and also schedule are disrupted. When the system fails, you need to get a serviceman to your home quickly. If your are in a desperate situation, you may end up paying more for emergency service outside regular business hours. Regular maintenance is totally different. You set up a scheduled visit that is convenient for you. There is no damage to your property. There is no mess to wash up. The service does not take that long. Even if replacement parts ought to be ordered, your comfort is not affected. Seasonal service is handled in the spring, before you need your air conditioner. The licensed contractor completes a long list of essential tasks to ensure reliability, efficiency, and safety. Over months of operation in the summer, and sitting idle inside winter, dust and debris can accumulate within the system. Minor faults may impact performance. Something as simple as cleaning the blower’s fan blades can keep your air conditioning operating efficiently and also quietly. These blades are positioned very closely. The surface of the fins is damp. Pollen and dust adheres quickly.

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