A geothermal HVAC system

I’ve got an above-ground pool and it’s so frustrating trying to keep the pool heated. I just bought a new solar cover for it, but it’s not really working. I fill the pool from water within the pond. The pond water is the perfect temperature. I then pump it into my above-ground pool with some chemicals. After only an hour, the water is too cold. It can’t even take one cold summer night in the climate here. The water gets so cold that I have been considering buying a heating system for my pool. But why does the tank cool that fast? I have been looking into it and I concluded it happens because it is above ground. It is just this way with heat pump units. Above-ground heat pump units can only work for heating and cooling purposes in more moderate climates. Once the outside air temperature drops into the forties, the heat pump is usually worthless. A geothermal heat pump system is underground and uses the warmth there. The geothermal pump will tolerate lower outside temperatures since it can be safely buried. Underground, heating is easier. This is the reason why inground pools tend to be much warmer than above floor pools. The geothermal heat pump is usually protected below ground. The climatic conditions, people and your lawn mower find it difficult to touch this fragile system. It is far better to go for an effective heating and cooling system that is buried below the surface. You should consider a geothermal heat pump for your property.

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