A defective plumbing system

This pet clinic that I work at depends upon water. We have to provide water to those animals who are thirsty. We also have areas where we wash the animals as they need it. The workers also have to clean their hands to ensure that the pets stay healthy. Someday last week I had a puppy dog in the tub for a bath and also the water pressure dropped suddenly. There was barely a drop of water taken from the faucet. I walked around all of those other clinic rooms to check the other sinks. There was no water pressure anywhere in the whole building. I went down stairs and found water leaking all around. One of the main pipes had burst and most of the water was shooting out. This explained why no water was reaching all of those other areas. I immediately called the neighborhood plumbing company. We needed the water to be working as quickly as possible. The plumbing company sent a couple plumbers because the problem was so big. After a few hours they could stop the leak and return water flow to the clinic. They recommended that we replace the plumbing throughout the building. Apparently it was all pretty old and may also break in another spot soon enough. I did not want the clinic to be without water like that ever again. Many animals that needed help did not get it as a result of broken pipe. I would not be surprised if we updated many of the pipes before the year is now over.

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