Pal has a faulty cooling device

I’m a real sucker for visiting my friends, especially my friend Ashley. She definitely has the most beautiful home! Her house was built in the early 1940s and she lives in the historical part of our town. She always keeps a clean house, despite the fact that she has three young children and two very active, big dogs. Her furniture and appliances are stylish but they stay true to the time period in terms of aesthetic. It is a treat to visit my friend. The other day I went over to pick her up for lunch and she asked me to come inside for a minute. Of course, I did. The kids were over at a friend’s and the dogs were fast asleep. Everything seemed relaxed and quiet, except Claudia seemed upset. She told me that her air conditioner had stopped working. I asked her what she meant exactly. She explained that it had been working the night before, but when household woke up that morning, everything was hot and sticky and she could not figure out what could be wrong with the system. I gave her my HVAC company’s card and told her to call and ask for an appointment with an HVAC technician. I reminded her that every one of the HVAC technicians there were very experienced and that the service rates were very affordable. She accepted the card and made the appointment to have her air conditioner looked at right then and there. She looked so stressed about her HVAC system working! I knew an HVAC repair is usually expensive. In sympathy, I took her out to lunch and bought us quite a few drinks to make her feel a bit better.