When the heater is outdated

I recall growing up with the awful smell and noise of our old oil furnace. When the oil was delivered, the smell permeated the home and sometimes would make everyone sick to their stomach. It seemed the smell would linger for at least a few days. I also remember my mom hanging wet towels from the spider web of ductwork in the basement to make them dry. It looked like a clothesline of towels in the basement, but it did the trick. The ductwork would get white hot, and it would dry a sopping wet towel in no time at all. Nowadays, you seldom find a home with an oil furnace, as most use electric or even gas for fuel. Families do not need to suffer with the awful, sickening smell, and there are electric dryers to dry towels and clothes. I also remember the awful sounds from the furnace, as it sounded as though a monster was coming from the basement to eat everyone. I am sure this was the sound of the expansion of pipes and ducts, but for a child, I believed there was a furnace monster who was simply intent on eating up all of us. Now that I have my own home and a family of my own, I can’t imagine putting up with the noise and the smell of the antiquated system I knew as a child. My family has a wonderful HVAC system which works with electricity and doesn’t get noisy or smell badly for days at a time. We also dry our bath towels in the clothes dryer rather than the ductwork, and there is no need to worry about the furnace monster interrupting a good night’s sleep.

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A/C stopped because of me

I was so happy a few years ago when I moved into my very first house. It was my first time on my own, and I loved the freedom but I sure had a great deal to learn. I knew practically nothing about appliances, I didn’t own a lawn mower, and had to observe my neighbors for a few weeks to figure out when to take the garbage out and water the lawn. A few people recognized I was rather lost, and helped me out when I really needed it. After only some months, I felt like I was gettin in the swing of homeownership, but not a master of it quite yet. I did my due diligence and had my place inspected all the way through, but unfortunately, neglected the HVAC equipment. A year or so later, my AC unit abruptly stopped on a very hot and muggy summer day, and I had to call for after hour service. Though it was expensive, the HVAC tech showed me everything I was required to know about my system and what must be maintained. He also told me that the issues he had to fix might have easily been discovered on an annual service call, and the most usual problem with AC units is merely just a lack of service. Because I had not changed the filters constantly enough, there was damage to the unit. The refrigerant level was low, and he suggested I get the ductwork cleaned and resealed in some areas. Once he made the repairs, the AC was cold and was obviously much more efficient than before. I signed up for regular service using the same tech, for inspection twice yearly. I definitely wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

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non functional air conditioner

Last summer was one of the hottest seasons on record for my area, and nearly every yard within the neighborhood was brown from a shortage of rain and way too much heat. Everyone was complaining about the temperatures, so when I arrived home from work one day to find the AC was not working, I was instantly miserable. The house was so hot I called the nearby HVAC tech from my car with the air conditioning running full blast. They wouldn’t be able to come to my house until morning, so I immediately called around for a hotel room. There was absolutely no way I could spend the night inside my ridiculously hot house. At least I thought I couldn’t. There was no hotel room available within a 50 mile radius unless I wanted to spend a load of cash. By this time, the sun was going down, so I figured I could make it through one night. I turned on every fan in the house, retrieved a few box fans from the garage, and prepared for a very long, hot night. With the ceiling fans with and both box fans blowing right at me, I was able to get to sleep, but as soon as the sun came up in the morning I awoke in a pool of sweat. Thank goodness the HVAC technician arrived just as I was making coffee and went right to work. It turned out the equipment was low on refrigerant and it took only a few minutes to get the AC blowing icy cold air all over again. I won’t forget the feeling of the fresh, cool air blowing through the house after that long sweaty night. The HVAC tech even checked the whole system for me and switched out the filter. I signed up with him for seasonal service so I won’t have to suffer like that again.


Air conditioner needs for work

I am a very lucky person to have contracted employment where I can work from home writing about different business systems. It really was a dream come true for me. I have always loved to write, but most people will say it’s a tough job at which to make a living. I wanted to make sure I had a large enough space in my house for my new position, so I decided to enclose the garage that I never used and transform it into my office. It wasn’t an unusually expensive job, and I found a terrific contractor to do the vast majority of the work. He wasn’t able to do the HVAC work, but suggested a colleague of his. That HVAC contractor gave me several options. My new office wasn’t very large, but I definitely wanted it to be comfortable and wanted to save as much money as possible. He suggested I think about energy efficiency as well, so the cost to heat and cool the room wouldn’t offset any savings of installation. He was right. I resolved to purchase a ductless system, which may have cost a bit more than some other options, but the monthly cost to run it is subsequently negligible. Since the ductless system only cools and heats one room, I didn’t need to make use of if the temperature was comfortable. It consists of an outdoor unit and an inside unit and works basically like a heat pump only without any ductwork. The indoor air handler was installed near the ceiling and I have a remote to manipulate the controls. I love the system, and don’t have the issue of air blowing around the room like I experience in the rest of the house. I would even consider it for the entire house if I ever needed to replace the HVAC system.

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