We need the heater to run correctly

One of my favorite places to visit is our local planetarium. Some folks have never had the opportunity to enjoy a professional planetarium show. I don’t mean those little toy planetariums you can purchase for your kid’s bedroom. Nothing beats sitting in a beautiful auditorium where everyone leans back and looks as a series of a pictures of the entire night sky are projected onto a curved ceiling. That’s where you can learn about our solar system and many of the galaxies in our universe. On one occasion when I was in middle school, my parents took me to our planetarium. The show was meant to last for about two hours, and because it was wintertime in the mountains, the room was incredibly cold. My teeth were chattering, which distracted people around me. My mom got up and asked the person running the show if there would be any way the heat might be turned on. He was happy to comply with this request and within just a couple of minutes, the furnace and radiant flooring had the room much more comfortable. The room was pleasant and cozy. Warm air with the furnace vents swirled around my head, and my frozen toes started to thaw. I later learned their HVAC system had just had a heating tune-up, which meant their heating unit was functioning at peak capacity.  The planetarium staff always made sure to schedule the annual tune up to make sure the visitors were always comfortable. My entire family enjoyed the planetarium show much more because the cold, damp air was replaced with warm comfortable air.  I hope one day when I have kids they will love coming here as much as I do.

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I hope my allergies don’t flair up

My eleven-year-old daughter is prone to severe allergies. She is hypersensitive to dander, dust, and pollen, and misses a great deal of school because of her conditions. Certain times of ever year are extremely problematic, because of the high pollen count, excessive moisture, in addition to insufficient humidity. I keep the windows in my home closed at all times, and make an effort to keep every inch as clean as you possibly can. I regularly wash her bedsheets and towels in warm water, vacuum with a HEPA filter, and all of our unique hygiene products are nonallergenic. I’ve got my air conditioner and furnace professionally cleaned and serviced on the yearly basis since we found out about her allergies. The HVAC computer technician removes any buildup of impurities and bacteria, preventing the distribute of mold, mildew, and dust throughout the house. He pays particular attention on the cooling coils of the air conditioner where mold can grow. To further protect quality of air, I am conscientious about replacing the HVAC air conditioning filter every month. I have also invested in a few air quality accessories that work in partnership with the HVAC system. An air cleaners cleans the air that moves within the HVAC system eight times a day, trapping airborne contaminants and killing parasitic organisms. It minimizes the spread of dust and dander, and is constantly on the operate even when the furnace or air conditioner aren’t in use. I have also added a dehumidifier to take care of ideal moisture levels, and discourage the distribution of dust mites, growth involving mold, and spread of germs. By taking proactive measures to enhance the cleanliness and health involving my home, I have managed to also improve my daughter’s health and wellbeing.

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Turn the air conditioner off now!

When we first moved in our new apartment, I was thrilled to have even more space than I had before, and all the great facilities the complex offered. We had entry to a huge swimming pool, sauna, and racquetball courts. I was especially happy of having our own patio so we could set up a grill. I have always loved to grill, but never had an area for it. After we were settled inside, we had a few friends up to grill steaks and watch a good baseball game. It was a ridiculously hot day, so we also used the pool two hours or so to cool down. Once they were gone, we realized our apartment was nearly as warm as the outdoors. The AC had been running all day, but it just wasn’t cooling our spot down. I felt the air being sent from the vents, and it seemed indeed cool, but the apartment was warm and muggy. I called the management office, which sent out an HVAC tech right away. I was impressed he was inside our place so quickly, and he explained he strictly worked for our apartment complex. He took his time looking at the thermostat, filters, vents, along with outdoor unit. It turned out there were one or two issues. The filter was blocked, and he had a new one with him to convert it out. The thermostat’s power packs needing changing, which he also took care of, and the main refrigerant level was low. Once he refilled it and turned our machine on again, I was amazed about the difference. I could now have the cold air in every room in the apartment, and it was comfortably cool after a period of 60 minutes.

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I’m extremely distracted

I was staying with some family last year before my cousin’s wedding. My aunt’s home is huge, and though some us were staying with the woman for days, there was plenty of room. I had a room all to myself near the back of the home and the weather was mild enough that I could leave the window open for one night. On the second day we were there, the weather got quite a tad warmer and I was glad my aunt had some extra summer clothes, truthfully I needed to borrow them for the hot working day. We were all busy helping along with the wedding plans through late in the night, so we were ready to hit the sack at midnight. My aunt let me know she’d turn on the AC unit and asked me to not bother the closed window for the night. However, when I got to my room the noise with the AC unit was louder than an airplane passing by. The unit had been right outside my room, thus I could hear it very clearly in spite of the window being shut tight. Although I tried to sleep, the racket with the AC unit kept me all the way up. Apparently the house was chilled off by around four that morning, and it finally shut down. I told my Aunt right away at breakfast. She turned the AC on again and went around to my room to investigate. When she returned to the kitchen where we were, she picked up her cellular and called a nearby HVAC service to come out. I was really impressed when I heard a service man had showed up within the hour. Apparently, my Aunt bought a contract with the HVAC store and she’s guaranteed service calls within an hour. He found the problem at once, and fixed the damaged fan in no time.


Man, it got really cold

My high school class had its twenty year reunion a couple weekends ago, and I was so delighted to see all of my old friends. I never thought that I might be someone that actually was looking forward to a high school reunion, but in no time at all, it gets harder and harder to stay touch. Everyone has families, kids of their own, and careers that keep everyone extremely busy. I have a really difficult time checking up on my old friends, so I was looking forward to seeing them at the reunion. The reunion was held right at our old high school graduation location, which was sort of odd, because so much has changed inside the building since we graduated! There are actually brand new lockers, a recently painted gym floor, and obviously a few new ad ons to the building. After about a half-hour, a few of us were joking about how the one and only thing that hadn’t changed was the HVAC system. The building has never been well heated or cooled! When winter hit, the furnace never did actually heat anything at all, and students wore jackets inside. A few months before summer temperatures arrived, that air conditioning would kick on, and kept blowing cold air all over every classroom. The reunion happened in the gym, and it was subsequently so cold that we had been all shivering! It felt just like being in high school once again. Summer hadn’t even fully arrived yet, but the air conditioning had been on for a while. Despite becoming chilly, my old classmates and I had the best time. We all enjoyed a great evening talking, dancing, and laughing about how some things never change.

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I’m glad I’m buying a new home

I’ve never felt comfortable travelling to hair salons, so for the most recent years years, I have been cutting my hair on my own. I always feel like I’m definitely being overcharged, and the air conditioning inside each hair salon always is up way too high. A haircut is actually not cheap, and temperature control needs to be factored into the charge! For the most part, cutting my own hair has worked out pretty well. Although, I completely messed up this last time trying to cut my bangs and had no choice but to go to a hair stylist! Everyone always says that you just shouldn’t try to cut your own bangs, but of course I tried to cut mine anyway. There was no way i could fix my uneven hair on my own, so I took a chance and made an unexpected emergency hair appointment. I was definitely really was nervous. But, as soon as I actually walked in, I instantly felt loads better. The hair salon was shining and clean, with brightly painted walls and colorful decorations. And to top it off, the air conditioning was set on the perfect temperature. Usually, hair salons have lots of air conditioning, and I end up numb from the cold. This salon definitely had a great HVAC system, because not only was the temperature control perfect, but I couldn’t even hear the HVAC system! It was nice to never have the added stress of shivering through air conditioning, especially since I was already a little bit nervous about getting my mane cut. The hair stylist was able to recut my bangs, and my partner and i left with my hair sensing and looking nicer than it had in years. I’m so willing to have found a hair salon with perfect temperature control and the best service!

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Zone control can do a lot for you

I work in a seasonal burger and fry restaurant. I work in the back for a cook. I cook the cheese burgers, fry the french fries, and also make onion rings. There are girls in the ice cream portion that prepare cones and milkshakes. Then, there is the main dining area which is the spot where the servers give the customers the meals. You would be surprised the difference in temperature overall in those areas. In the back it gets incredibly hot. The diner has central air conditioning but it surely is set to one temperature. Our kitchen area cannot be cooled completely because the intensity from the fryers makes it way too hard. In the ice cream location, the cooling system makes the ladies really cold. The air conditioning freezes them out think because they are working with cold products. The dining area is the perfect temperature. The thermostat is set so you can kick back and relax. There are ultimate climate control for customers and servers. What the diner ought to do is invest in HVAC sector control. The kitchen should end up heavily air conditioned, ice cream can offer little to no cooling, and the serving area can be a moderate temperature. This way the air conditioning system does not overwork itself for all the areas in the diner. So many people are happy and comfortable. It also would save the diner a bundle on HVAC costs. There are areas they would not need to worry to cool. Also then all employees are happy and might like to continue working at the institution.

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HVAC filter changing

I took our neighbors to a big adoption fair our local shelter was putting on to boost money collections last year. Of course, I knew someone would be adopting a cat or a dog, but they had so many beautiful animals there that we all had such a hard time choosing. They had two dogs there that we all loved, and after playing with all of the pets, we settled on taking both of the dogs. Our two kids were especially happy, they would each be responsible for one pet, and there would be no sharing. Both dogs were house trained and wonderful travel companions already, so we didn’t worry about any of the initial messes that usually come with puppies. But after about five months, I was seeing the dog’s hair building up quicker than it originally had. We all stepped up baths and grooming, but the hair from the dogs was always everywhere. We mentioned this to our neighbor, over dinner, and he asked if I was doing my HVAC service cleaning and additionally changing filters regularly. I hadn’t planned on it. But as soon as he said it, it made sense to increase service for the HVAC equipment when there is dog hair in the house. I place a call to our HVAC tech and had him schedule us for service. He found the filter clogged up with hair, along with dust and dander. He cleaned everything and changed the filter, as well. His recommendation was switching the filters now every 3 weeks, plus he scheduled our next service visit for only 3 months away.

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Nobody wants to deal with an old boiler

I was excited when I was offered a job from a new company in close proximity to home, which was just opening. The owner was great and we hit it off at our first meeting. Though he wasn’t able to pay me a lot or offer benefits, he was willing share a percentage of the company with me, I would be responsible for it and own a portion of the residual business. I was sure that we could both do well. He had opened his office in an older building, which was visually pleasing, but was old and worn. He was able to get a great deal on the office and was now dealing with the owner on a few necessary improvements. The first issue which needed doing involved the HVAC system. It was an incredibly old boiler system, boilers are great because they usually last a very long time, but the components did not. The boiler made a great deal of noise daily, it was scary. There were times I was convinced it was ready to explode, so it took weeks until I stopped jumping when it happened. The HVAC provider was in our basement or crawling throughout the ductwork everyday for a few weeks. It was a reasonably small building, but he had several technicians working for him on this job. I guess some of the parts ended up being so old, he needed help from techs that had experience with the system. They were able to keep the old system, but all of the other parts had to be replaced or upgraded. When all that was done, it ran similar to a modern day system. We even got an updated thermostat too, which we programmed to our temperatures needs each day.

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Making sure my zone control works right

My grandparents have lived in a two-story home on five acres for my entire life. I spent a lot of time here and it is truly where I grew up.  I love going back to visit. They have been upgrading the house over the past few years. The first job was repaving their driveway, then they moved on to a new roof, and then began talking about updating the HVAC system inside their home. The last visit home with them, they were sitting in the living room with several brochures in front of them. They were reviewing several systems to figure out which one would be the best one for them. Following a lot of research, they decided on a zoning system. My grandmother spends the majority of her time in her office while my grandfather spends most of his time in the den. Grandma said that she noticed the office was always so much warmer in comparison to the other areas of the house and she was tired of it. Grandma did not like being warm, besides the air conditioning was on and should have been keeping her cool. With this particular zoning system, she knew that she’d have complete control over the temperature of her office. After the HVAC contractor installed their new zoning system, they found a new height of comfort in their home. My grandmother raves about the efficiency and how affordable it is. I was there to visit them recently and got to see their zoning system it is a very good system. I could definitely see a difference.

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