HVAC tune up in my future

Not long ago, I purchased a home in a very rural environment. It’s a beautiful country cottage, complete with a large porch, three wooded acres, and a wooden swing attached to the front porch for me to relax on. I currently live in an apartment in the midst of the busy, overcrowded city. Sometimes it’s nice to escape from all the hustle and bustle and just escape. It’s a wonderful feeling to put my feet up on the front porch and hear the birds chirping, the frogs croaking, plus the quiet rustle of the wind, as it roars through the dry leaves. I have tried to find time to visit at least once every other weekend, but as winter gets closer, it has become increasingly difficult to make the trip. One of the largest reasons is because the heater is broken. I have to call an HVAC repair company to learn why the heat isn’t earning a living properly. In the fall, we can easily get away with using the small gas fireplace, but when cold weather hits, we will need to have a reliable source to heat the entire home, instead of just the front rooms. I’m fairly certain that the HVAC unit currently in the house will need to be substituted. When I bought the property, the inspector said it was nearly ten years old and would need to be serviced or replaced, sooner or later. I guess we are drawing near the sooner. I’ve been asking around to find a reliable, reasonably priced HVAC company to come to the house for an estimate. This winter I want to be able to make good use of the home.

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Owning a business-the HVAC

In the future, I want to start my own business in the city. I hope that I will have a business that people love to venture to and be at constantly. I want people to talk about how much they love going there. I am not sure what type of business this will be, but it is going to be great. I know there are endless aspects of owning a business. One thing I know is the comfort level of the business. When someone steps inside of a business, they want to feel comfortable. I wish accomplish that. I know one way to make it happen is by having good air quality. Air quality matters more than you would think. Hospitals have that automatic clean feeling since they have HVAC systems with air cleaners and other HVAC equipment that makes feel clean and sterile. In my business, I think it will be beneficial to have some sort of air conditioning system. I want to have this to keep all of my customers cold while they shop or meet with someone. I also want to have it heated for my customers in the cold weather. I want it to be seen as a place of relief from the cold winter days. I may even have a place for people to leave comments inside the business so they could comment on what it was like to be there or if there were any problems while they were there. I know sometimes businesses are too cold or way too warm for customers. I want to stay away from this and give customers the best temperature controlled environment possible.

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AC service helps air quality

When I visited my parents this year, I noticed that their home is beginning to need work. I love their house. It is where I spent my childhood. It is over 30 years old and has many things that are beginning to deteriorate. They need a brand new front door and there are several places where the siding has to be fixed on the outside near the front door. They need new carpet and flooring since theirs is showing major signs of wear. The house creaks in the changing weather, too. One of the things I noticed most while visiting was that their HVAC unit needed a good cleaning and tuning. The indoor pieces of their HVAC unit were in a small closet in the bathroom. When I opened the closet door, I knew from a quick glance that the unit needed some major cleansing. When my parents called the HVAC service out in the summer for some repair work, they recommended a cleaning and tune up for the unit. Thankfully, my parents agreed to their recommendation. The HVAC technician cleaned the unit both inside and out and performed each of the services of a tune up, which included putting a new air filter inside of it. Once he was finished with the tune up and the cleaning, the air conditioner was running much more efficiently than it had in many years. The air in the house smelled much cleaner than the musty air that was being produced before. It also produced more cool air than it had before. I hope my parents will continue to get regular tune-ups on their heating and cooling system.

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I’d love to see this heater improved

I am a new homeowner so I have a considerable amount to learn. The house noises and sounds are really new to me. I have only lived there three years and I am still discovering the sounds and noises that happened all year long inside of my older home. Sometimes when it is very windy outside of the house seems to sing a song every time. The house is very drafty and wants repairs. We have been slowly working on these but they take energy and money. This past winter there seems to be a new sound that emerged from the basement. I began to notice a good loud gurgling and rumbling noise that came when the heater turned on. A final thing that we needed was for our heater to break down on the cold winter’s night so I actually called the HVAC technician. When he looked at the system he found that they had air bubbles in the plumbing. We have a steam boiler system and air bubbles may be trapped in the water lines. It is unlikely for boiler systems to have any sort of issue. A boiler is really hardy and requires little heating system service. Also it never usually needs a heating repair. Due to this, most boiler parts are not able to be purchased. I was very thankful there seemed to be not a broken part. The boilers last so long that a replacement part probably would not be made anymore. But what ended up happening is the heating professional showed us the spot where the valves were so we could see the problem.

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Lots of air conditioning in class

I live in a hot region where even walking to your car has you sweating. It makes wearing anything but shorts or a skirts uncomfortable. The worst was having to park in the farthest back parking lot along with the fifteen to 18 minute walk to my class. By the time that I travel to class I am a hot mess. I am covered in sweat and clearly uncomfortable. The AC is usually blasting in the hallway when you finally enter your classroom building, even so the class itself is always thus muggy! My body goes into a temperature shock from sweating outside the house, to overpowered AC to resting in stagnant muggy classroom. I try to bring a cardigan or jacket to keep me warm if I have to wait in the hallway for my class to begin the process. The building itself is three stories and somehow they are still able to cool all of us down in that moment. We always asked our professor if there seems to be any way he would flip the AC down. He said he wished which he could but he did not have access to the main building thermostat. I could not believe that each room failed to have a personal thermostat inside. I wonder if my school utilizes a Geothermal HVAC unit so that they aren’t spending too much on classrooms that are not in session. I think that it might be a positive impact on student’s well-being if they had  comfortable classroom environments rather than sweating while learning with a poor working air conditioning product.

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A new heater would be great

Just recently, I was fortunate enough to journey to the tropical islands with some close friends. I had never been at this time there before, and we had an exceptional time. The weather was basically perfect, except the heat and additionally humidity. It was much more we like than what I was used to and after being there for a couple days I learned some great ways to stay cool and comfortable. In fact, right before we left to go back home, I thought the air conditioning was cooling a ton. I preferred to have the windows open and let the balmy breeze in at night time while I slept. Once I was home and straight out of that humidity, I noticed how dry my house was especially with the air conditioner running everyday. I decided to contact a HVAC dealer about obtaining a humidifier put in. I found out it was an easy component to add to my current system and not the most ideal solution with regards to dry skin, inferior indoor air quality, and possibly the best feature of  it is that it helps keep the indoor air warmer in the winter too. The HVAC technician told me that when the air is dry it’s much harder to stay warm. When there is some moisture inside air, the warmth has something to absorb into, and will work far more efficiently. Since adding the humidifier, I can say it is convenient in my home, and I look ahead to using it during the wintertime as well.

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My gas heater is dying

A few weeks ago during the night, I heard a loud crash within the basement. There’s nothing like a loud noise at night time to get some adrenalin going. I sat straight up, blinking my eyes and curious what the heck just took place. I checked out every room in my home, and like any other scaredy-cat, kept the basement for last. I already had every light turned on, but the basement was really dark so I grabbed a battery operated lantern just in case. I switched on the light for the stairs and ambled down, and quickly realized the furnace wasn’t working. That must’ve been the sound, I knew, and my fear gave way to frustration. I looked at the furnace, checked the breaker and tried the thermostat again. Nothing. The fan wouldn’t even go on. The basement wasn’t too chilly, but as I went in the stairs, I could feel that the house was already losing heat. Since it was just about 4:00 am, I couldn’t call my HVAC service yet. I grabbed another blanket and some hot chocolate and tried to remain as warm as possible. Thank heavens the HVAC shop opened early, and my usual tech was at my house before I left for work. Well, it turned out the fan had basically exploded, which is why I heard the big noise. I knew it needing replacing a year ago, but I had kept putting it off. The tech was able to get a new one and had everything working again within a few hours. Apparently, that old fan wasn’t working well whatsoever, because the new one made such a difference in the strength of the air flow throughout the house. I didn’t need to run my furnace nearly as much after the repair.

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Air conditioning and the struggle

While staying with my family last year within the early summer, we had an outdoor eat out. Once we were set for the night, the house was very warm and I asked one of my relatives to turn the air conditioner on. She was apologetic when she informed me it wasn’t working properly along with retrieved a fan for my room. Another guest had tried to turn the thermostat on, and the AC failed to turn on. They then went inside the garage and flipped the breaker more. Although the AC turned on, it didn’t turn off. Apparently the homeowners had uncovered the day before that it wouldn’t shut off and had used the breaker switch to stop it. The next day, the house was so cold that all the windows and sliding a glass doors were covered in condensation. With a full house packed with other homeowners, everyone began pitching in their own theories of what the challenge was, and some were proven out. The thermostat connection ended up being checked, and all the vents were checked to guarantee they were open and transparent. We even made sure the furnace filter was changed. Still, even when set at over 80 degrees fahrenheit, the AC still ran a lot. Though I left that day, I was curious as to what the problem was. They were required to call an HVAC technician and it took them some time to uncover what the issue was. It ended up the placement of the thermostat was the matter. The temperature of the smallish enclosed area wasn’t cooling off with other areas in the house.

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Easy air quality tips to follow

The constant talking with friends and coworkers is actually scripted each day. It usually starts on the topic of the weather, what weekend plans are happening, family updates and perhaps a restaurant recommendation in line with last weekend’s activities. My coworkers and I in the area however, shared something new. I was told about the heat and humidity levels within our office. Also someone mentioned something about closing drapes and blinds everyday along with altering air filters every week. The person who told me this became, at one point, a qualified HVAC professional who had years of experience in repairs and procedures in care of air conditioning equipment. I pulled him aside afterwards and asked him about what he did to check his AC unit was well serviced and working efficiently. Lately I’d been having so many problems with my old unit at my personal house. He told me that just about the most common errors was letting the air filter get too old together with clogged with dirt and dust. When the air flow in the system is diminished, the unit may need to work that much harder in order to satisfy the temperature on the thermostat. This will make you spend more money to run, and it can also cause the device to just wear out or even cause internal damage. He informed me he had seen air conditioning filters with literally pounds of debris, dirt and animal hair. He then told me that by closing all the many drapes and shades throughout the house, this will eliminate the one source of heat in the summer: sunshine.

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I’m loving the new air conditioner

My hubby and I decided to take a holiday to South America for our 20th year anniversary. We had planned the trip for two entire years, and had everything planned down to the very last minute detail. We would spend fourteen days sightseeing, hiking, and exploring the volcanic region. We planned for a week in the city, and then another week near the coffee fields. When we arrived to our hotel in the capital city, we were pleasantly surprised to find the accommodations were exactly as the travel agent had explained. When traveling abroad, this is hardly ever the case, so we were very surprised. We had modern amenities including cable television, running hot water in the bathing room, and a small ice box containing bottled water. If you’ve never stayed in the foreign country, you should always drink bottled water! The room was fashioned with a small room air conditioner that looked new. When we switched it on, the room cooled off so quickly that I wanted to crawl under the covers. We were very lucky to enjoy such a nice suite while we were vacationing the city. Unfortunately, this was not the accommodations when we went to visit the villages in the countryside. We should have planned that part slightly better, because our hotel wasn’t much larger than the individual suite we had to ourselves in the city. Each building had a lavatory, a shower with warm water, and a twin bed for individuals to share. The room was been also lacking any air conditioning. Even with a gentle breeze, the rooms were muggy, humid, and terribly uncomfortable. Thankfully, we were able to identify a marketplace where we purchased a portable, battery operated fan.

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