I need a new air conditioner

We are preparing to start looking for a house to purchase, and about two-thirds of the houses that my significant other and I have looked at in our southern, rural town don’t currently possess any air conditioning. When I asked around, I was told the preferred A/C and heating unit in my situation would actually depend on my personal preference. A little online research helped me understand. If I don’t want to worry about ductwork and dusty air ducts, I could choose a ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating system that would be gentle on my allergies and my electric bill. Ductless mini-split systems come in a number of sizes to cool or heat any sized rooms. If I’d prefer something with an extended warrantee that is definitely also gentle to Mother Earth, I could choose a geothermal heating pump that extracts heat from throughout the Earth to heat the home in winter, and returns the warmth to the Earth when it cools the home in summer. There are even portable air conditioners as of late. And, of course, there is the traditional central HVAC system which should be replaced every fifteen years. Another thing to keep in mind is the maintenance of such different systems. I know I have much more research to do, but I’m grateful there are so many choices available.temperature control

I feel like this A/C never works

In 2009, my house decided to falter. It started with the home’s windows. They were leaking and molding. I required them all to be replaced. Once I did that, I thought that everything would be fine. Then, my floors started to warp. It turned out that there was a leak, causing them to swell with the water. The floors had to be ripped up and replaced. It was an enormous job that took weeks to undertake successfully. When the new floorings were in, they looked superb. I thought then that, when windows and flooring were so new, surely nothing else would need to be replaced. I was wrong. The temperatures rose and the air conditioner was on every day. Then, one day, the home seemed hot. Sticky and unbearably hot. I contacted my HVAC company immediately. I had been using them consistently: they were knowledgeable, reliable, and always ready to help me right away. I hoped that it would be nothing huge. Then my HVAC technician looked over my air conditioning unit and delivered the bad news – the compressor had failed. I did not want to believe it. He said that normally compressors are reliable, but that the system cannot run without that. The whole unit was pretty old, he informed me, because it was put in when the house was built twenty-five years ago. He said that he could replace the failed compressor, but that for a unit that old it might be wiser to simply purchase a new unit. So, that is what I had to do. Thankfully, there have been no other issues since then, but I am waiting with bated breath.

HVAC tune-up 

Helping my parents save a little bit of money

For an adult, I find myself going home to see my parents often and wanting simply to help them update their lives in several areas. This past year, my mom got a fresh smartphone. She refused one for years. Finally, she gave in, now she could not be any kind of happier. My stepdad got one too and he loves deploying it for directions, weather reports, along with music. I am constantly prodding those to get with the times. By means of my assistance, they recently learned ways to stream movies and shows on their television, which was another financial success. After phones and streaming, I figured that it was time to push them to upgrade the thermostat within their home. They still have the old model who has a little needle which points with the room temperature. My last several visits home, I have been dropping bits and pieces of information to them with hopes of encouraging those to upgrade their thermostat. They had a fresh heating and cooling unit put in their apartment last year, but they didn’t want to upgrade their thermostat subsequently. They hate change, so the pair were really stubborn about it. Today, though, they seem to be a lot more interested in updating their lifetime after seeing how great it can also be. I figure it is worth a try. Sure enough, my mom called me to ask me what I think about touch screen thermostats. I told her that it could be a great investment and simple to navigate, too. She seemed to understand and like this. I would not be surprised to go back home on my next trip to find that my parents employ a whole new thermostat. That would make my year.

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Gas heating

We honestly can’t say why my fear of propane borders on phobia. Perhaps May possibly seen too many movies and tv programs where propane caused an exploding market, although I really don’t consider any. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a wealthy tropical spot where gas lines can’t be run underground plus the only propane people used was with regard to outdoor grills. All I know, is that my fear involving lighting a gas heater boundaries on phobia. We moved to this small southern town along with the first house we rented have this propane heater that needed to be lit every time we turned it on. Even though we are in the South, temperatures still lower quickly here, and, a few times, I had to lighting the heater myself, instead of getting my husband do it. Lighting the heater became a task. First, I would make the kids go outside into the neighbor’s yard. Then, I would call my mother and inform her that i was about to light the heater and when I did not call her the government financial aid five minutes, I blew average joe up. I obviously never blew other people up, but, I sure was grateful to move into the house we have now. We may not have middle heat and air conditioning here, however ,, we have safety space heaters for any bedrooms and a neat looking fireplace decorated heater for the living areas and I a lot prefer them over gas.

gas fireplace 

I wish the air conditioner kept working

A few days ago, I made a quick trip home to visit with my friend Steve, who will soon be moving far away for a new job. We’ve been friends since we were kids, so it is really hard to see him go, but he got a great opportunity. His job is relocating them to their London office, which means I will have an amazing place to visit when I travel abroad! Of course, all of our friends and his family are really sad that he won’t be around, but we wanted to throw him an amazing party before he left. His family made a ton of food, and we grilled and drank beers until late into the night. By the time we were all ready for bed, Steve had actually already fallen dead asleep on one of the chairs outside! I didn’t want to spend a ton of extra money by staying at a hotel, so I decided to spend the night at my mom’s house. I was so tired, and really ready for a good night’s sleep, but when I got there, I realized that her air conditioning was going to be a problem. My mom had propped an old window air conditioning box into the window, but it barely emitted any cool air. Even worse, that was the only air conditioner in the house, and the spare room was way too far away to receive any air conditioning! Sleep was impossible with all the heat and humidity, and opening the bedroom windows didn’t help at all. I’m really thankful I got to see Steve and the rest of my friends, but trying to sleep without air conditioning was almost unbearable. I won’t make that mistake again!  

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air quality

When I was growing up, I felt as if my grandparents house was the most magical place on earth. Walking through their front door meant being swept away to a faraway land. There were large, incredibly beautiful paintings covering every single wall, filled with ocean scenes and magnificent sunsets. Each painting had so much vivid color that I couldn’t stop myself from staring at them for hours at a time. Clear, crystal figurines lined each surface of the house, and I loved watching sunlight dance through them as I walked by. Even the floors seemed to be their own work of art, the wood polished and gleaming. Every room in the house combined a refined sense of detail and elegance, and I felt like it was the fanciest, most magical place in the world. Part of that came from the pristine indoor air quality. My grandparents had an air purification system installed, and the air purifier created the freshest and cleanest indoor air. When the hot and humid months of summer arrived, the air conditioning was constantly running on high, and my parents would force me to bring sweaters along with me. My grandfather always wanted to have an exceptionally cool home amidst all the oppressive heat outside. This seemed incredibly luxurious, because I was not used to having air conditioning. At home, my parents avoided turning the air conditioning on high, to avoid high electric bills. Although winters were never too harsh, whenever the temperatures dropped, I knew we would be visiting my grandparents. I always loved sitting around the furnace, drinking mugs of hot chocolate and hearing my grandmother tell her stories. Even as an adult, these are my favorite memories, and I have done my best to pass along similar memories to my grandchildren.  HVAC maintenance

Seasonal depression is a real thing

However, I live in the northern parts of the country, in an area that experiences very severe cold weather. We frequently endure temperatures into twenty below zero, and face several feet of snow falling from the sky. Throughout the winter, the wind blows constantly, the roads are always slippery, and there is no glimpse of the sun. I absolutely hate all sorts of things about winter. While I am hoping to one day move south, I can’t go anywhere. I do everything I can to make the winter a long time tolerable. I have a four-wheel-drive pickup, expensive snow boots, and just about every fall, I buy myself a new wool coat. My furnace is going to be the most important appliance in my house, and I’ve spent a fortune to assure it keeps me perfectly toasty. Because of the extreme cold during the winter, I am stuck in there for months at a time. I insist on being extremely comfortable. I have purchased a furnace which will maintain a warm temperature at all times, no matter what is going on outside. There are no drafts in my house, no wild temperature imbalances, and my furnace doesn’t make a whole lot of noise. I set the thermostat to my desired level of comfort, and the furnace keeps a indoor temperature within one amount of the setting. It does this by having the speed between forty and a hundred percent capacity. Because of this, the furnace runs a lot longer, at lower speeds, and keeps my energy bills affordable.

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I’m loving this new HVAC product

In one hot summer, my air conditioning had been saving me from heat off the the southern sunshine. It was abruptly stopped by a freak accident. I had been sitting in my chair to look at the TV when I heard a large gas leak coming from the backside of my house. Instantly rising up, I ran quickly to find the problem. Initially, I’d thought it could be petrol for my home’s furnace used in wintertime. Unfortunately, I was surprised to check out a huge and constant cloud of white gas spewing from my air handler. About 40 seconds later, the gas slowed and consequently stopped. Scoping the area around my air handler, I noticed a large hole on the side of the handler, and some exposed pipe. Researching this on the web, I finally found what could have been leaking. The pipe allowed the freon to spew out. Curious as to why the freon had exploded, I dug in the unit. After only a couple from minutes, I pulled a small steel BB out of my air conditioner. It was shot from a great air gun and sadly landed within the air handler. Would you believe someone would take a shot at my air handler using an airsoft gun? I think it was most likely a neighborhood youth. After about a few hours or so, my home have becoming a sauna. It was so overly hot, that during the hottest afternoon, I was forced to go outside because it was cooler than inside my property. The leak had stopped any cooling within my house. I did not prefer to phone an HVAC technician for ideas about an expensive repair. I made a decision to research new A/C systems to view if I could purchase an alternative air conditioner cheaper.

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The best in HVAC

On the hottest day of the summertime, and I was stuck earning a living. In the dining room of the restaurant it was so humid you could almost see the moisture hanging in the air. There was a quiet stillness within the room due to an older couple closing the only one window in the dining room. I could feel my clothes sticking to my body as I walked around the room to clean an empty table. When I entered the large kitchen, the heat was overwhelming. The chefs all had a particularly aggravated expression, which I understood because of the climate. All day long, I heard remarks concerning the air conditioning being repeated throughout the kitchen and seating area. At nearly 4 o’clock, I realized the matter what had taken place when I saw the local HVAC truck pull into our parking lot. Three HVAC technicians went into the basement of the restaurant to begin making repairs to the air conditioner. After almost forty-five minutes an almost noiseless whistle was felt more than heard in the restaurant. I walked throughout the dining space feeling icy blasts of air from the vents down below. I had never been this happy to have cold air in my whole entire life! I saw the HVAC technicians as they pulled out from the parking lot, little did they know their repair just saved my night from being miserable. I was sure to publish a review online so our HVAC provider knew what good work they had done. These folks were in so quickly that I did not even notice the speedy repair job. They also carried all the garbage away with them.

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My new heater

I usually love this local bar within our town named the spoon saloon. It serves the best steaks, burgers along with fries. I enjoy going there in the winter months too because it gives a woodsy feel. There are elk heads in the wall, fur on the benches and most importantly they blast their heating system so I stay warm. The last time in there I was unpleasantly surprised by the temperature. It was icy and frigid, not toasty and warm as it is normally. I asked the waiter what was the issue. He explained to help us understand the repairs needed to have the furnace working again inside the establishment. The local HVAC provider recently been notified, and would send an HVAC technician the following morning. My sister, who has a husband who works being a HVAC technician currently, began to make some suggestions to conserve the tavern’s money. They conversed awhile, contemplating ways to fix the heating elements. The women decided that later she would call the nearby furnace service to get a new furnace installed. The whole time I kept trying to maintain enthusiasm about how the heating system would be fixed even though it was not going to be fixed immediately. A furnace installation would great in a couple of weeks. Even a heating system repair is not going to be done immediately. So I was stuck freezing at my favorite warm eatery with no heater to keep me comfortable. I am thinking that no warm cup of soup and plateful of pasta will fix my body temperature troubles. I do not know if I care to go back to the spoon saloon anytime in the near future. The furnace may have cost them my much prized business and me my favorite restaurant.

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