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There’s a French Bistro restaurant I adore going to, but for some reason they always have the air conditioner on extensive blast. The air is so chilly that it causes my teeth to chatter about. Maybe it’s because they are preparing food inside. The air really need to be cooling all the time so it doesn’t spoil the food, but I’d think that the buying price of air conditioning, would be too much for that. If that’s true, I hope their AC unit never requires a repair or replacing. I know the price of replacing an air conditioner isn’t cheap, and a restaurant as large as this one must require a huge HVAC unit. Come to think about it,  most restaurants I’ve been to, have their air conditioning set at a low temperature, blowing substantially cold air. As a patron, I find that much air and cooling, very distracting. It ruins the experience if I’m folding my arms, and crossing my legs in attempts to keep warm in a restaurant. It makes me think about what are you doing with their air conditioner, instead of enjoying the food, or enjoying the company of the person I am with. I feel rude if I ask for any heat to be turned up. Maybe the owner really wishes the entire building to be as cold as possible.  Perhaps the owner is used to a cold, chilly climate. Perhaps they don’t care about the huge price tag that running the AC on air conditioning is, and maybe they’ll take an affront to my telling them how they should handle their heat. And if their air conditioner is malfunctioning and requires a technician to repair it, they should at least tell the patrons before they sit down. cooling equipment

Tips for your heating and air conditioning

Last winter, one of my best friends and I decided that we should cross “skiing at the mountains” off our bucket catalog. Everything started off wonderfully well. We checked inside the lodge where we were being held up, bundled up in our snowsuits, and headed to the mountainous slopes. We were very thrilled! We spent hours skiing in the perfectly formed snow, and were quite spent, by the end of the day. We decided to head up to the lodge once we had been done skiing down the hill at sunset. Once we arrived, we noticed that there was an attractively, big crowd surrounding the fireplace. Since we were still bundled in our snow gear, we hardly noticed the temperature difference on the way to our space. However, once we peeled from our layers of snow gear, we immediately noticed how cold it was. When we looked at our thermostat, it said it had been 38 degrees, but we set it a 74 degrees this morning. We called the desk, and they informed us of the fact that the HVAC system was not working, but they had called their own technician. Unfortunately, due to an oncoming blizzard, the HVAC technician was helpless to make it up the mountain, before the storm passed. The rest for the night was miserably cold to the bone. After collecting as many blankets as we could, we bundled up and tried to stay as warm as possible. I hardly slept through the night, because I was so frosty. Thankfully, the HVAC technician had the system fixed by the following morning, and the lodge refunded our money. After that upsetting experience, I am still having nightmares concerning the home furnace going out.

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Radiant heating is very interesting

If you’ve been in a home with warm flooring, you’ve most likely experienced the pleasure of walking around in your bare feet during a cold winter. In the past, I worked for a construction company that was based in an exceedingly cold climate. It was then I learned all about heated floors and also the joys and practicalities of radiant heat.

Aside from the evident, heated floors have numerous rewards. Just a few benefits being efficiency (better as opposed to forced air or baseboard heating), economy (less electricity is utilized on average), and it’s much cleaner than other designs of indoor heating. For someone with allergies, heated floors could be immensely beneficial due to decreased allergens being distributed around your home.

In the homes our construction company built, it was never difficult to sell someone on the use of heated floors. This type of home heating is clean along with, unlike forced air, doesn’t move dirt around. It’s also very silent; the only sound is a gas or oil burner, that is usually located in a mechanical room. Heated floors are as well quite durable, as durable as the concrete floors most often useful for radiant heating systems. All of this efficiency and economy means a decreased amount in fuel usage, which is good for anyone’s finances!

One of the main advantages to heated floors can be that it’s ultimately non-invasive. Considering that heat is emitted by the floor, furniture can be placed wherever by the homeowner. Talk about feng shui! Just imagine waking up each morning, swinging your legs over your bed on the floor and feeling comforting warmth beneath your feet. This type of heating is a epitome of elegance in any dwelling that has so many benefits.

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This is how you repair a heater

Living in the South, you don’t really experience too many occasions during the winter when the temperatures dip down terribly low. I can tell you one thing from experience, 45 degrees definitely isn’t very cold compared to those temperatures people experience in the northern states. If your heating unit quickly hits the fan, 45 degrees suddenly becomes pretty cold. I believe that was what the temperature about two years back on Christmas day when our HVAC unit went completely out. We couldn’t find anyone who was willing to come repair this heater (big surprise) that same day. My husband did what he could and called a person who tried to walk him through some HVAC troubleshooting tips. My husband is pretty skilled at fixing anything else, but he couldn’t get our heating product working. Thank goodness Wal-Mart was open (although I felt sorry for the poor people having to work that day). My husband bought several portable ceramic heating elements, and they actually worked pretty well to keep the temperature above freezing that night. The next day, we made it possible to get an HVAC repairman out to look at our unit, but he wasn’t able to fix it! Our HVAC unit was a very early edition and should have been switched out ages ago, but our landlord didn’t wish to spend the money on it. Another repairman became available the following day, and – you guessed it – he wasn’t able to repair it either. A total of three HVAC repairmen all arrived on the scene to our house before our landlord finally came to accept the fact that the unit had to be replaced. After he replaced all of the HVAC unit, we haven’t have any issues since.

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The heating system

Being raised, my dad always hated the heat. We had central air conditioning which he ran all through spring, summer season and fall. During the winter weather, our home was heated by way of a wood burning stove and a good furnace. The wood burning stove was supplemental and helped to lower the amount we needed to use the furnace. This helped with utility bills. The wood stove was located in the dining room and our household insisted on eating together. Dad would sit with his back towards the sliding glass door in our dining room. My dad would open it in the winter so that he could cool off from the heat of the wood burning stove. The rest of us would be shivering all throughout dinner but our dad was the man behind the family so we couldn’t say anything regarding the door being open. It wouldn’t have mattered anyways. My dad wasn’t happy inside the heat from the furnace and the wood burning stove but addressed it because he knew most people needed it. This is why we just dealt with him having the door open to combat the heat coming from the wood stove and the air conditioner. It’s unfortunate that the wood stove is within the dining room but that’s where it was eventually when my parents purchased the house and the many vents were located in this area. Being the oldest, I suggested to my parents that maybe we have dinner in the living room away from the wood stove, but my parents wouldn’t hear it. They said the dining room was the family room and we’d just contend with the heat from the wood stove along with the cold from outside.


How to tune-up that central A/C

We decided we wanted to move now that we were retired. We put our house on the block when we realized we were going to purchase an RV and see north america. We decided to skip hiring a realtor because we knew the selling points of our home and knew we may possibly sell it ourselves. We scheduled some open houses and had people arrived to see our home. We liked showing it off but it surely seemed as though no one was focused on buying. After several showings we started to notice that people seemed unpleasant while viewing our home. We realized that everyone was uncomfortable from the heat and therefore our lack of air conditioning needed to be what was causing everyone not to put a bid on the home. We decided to stop showing our house for a bit and contacted an HVAC company to come to our house. We had to get central air conditioning unit if we planned to sell the house. It took them a short while to have the central air conditioning so we had to put our dreams on hold. Once the house was cool from our central ac, we scheduled another open house. After our first showing of the home with air conditioning, we already got an offer. There was a few couples competing against the other and we actually got more when compared to what we asked. We were so happy and it was all thanks to some of our HVAC unit. We probably needs to have gotten the HVAC system previous to when we moved out, but our new RV will have air conditioning and heating and we’ll appreciate it.

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My own apartment

Living on my own has been quite the learning experience. This is the first time that I have ever lived without someone else and I have discovered that it has its disadvantages, but mostly its upsides. Now I am able to turn lights on / off freely without fighting about a electric bill, which is unquestionably nice. It is so frustrating to have someone turn the light off inside a room you are in because they claim you are wasting power, even if you are seriously using the light for something. I am not required to deal with that anymore, and i’m sure that is great. I also can come and go as I please while not having to tell someone else – out of courtesy or rules – where I am going and when I will come back. I loved my mobility. I can do my laundry whenever I want and don’t need to worry about someone else utilizing it when I want to clean my clothes. I am able to cook whatever I want, whenever I want, without anyone complaining about the smell or the dishes in the sink afterwards. The best part about living on my own, though, is that I am the one who controls the temperature in this home. If it is cold out of, I can turn the warmth to whatever temperature makes me the most comfortable. If it is incredibly hot hot outside, I can turn the temperature down so there is cool air conditioning flowing through the house. Certainly, living alone means having total control over the temperature of my house, which is the best.

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This is the temperature I was looking for

My kids are so sneaky. They are always getting into trouble and any problem they have is something my wife and I deal with. My little baby girl could be the worst at sneaking around. She is only one year old, but she walks everywhere and she gets into anything that is within reach. I will set her down and in just a matter of a couple of seconds she will be gone and take a look to see where she had gone off to. I always have to keep my eye on her and we always have to ensure that our dishes are not close to the edge of the table. If they are, she will reach up and try to pull them off. This will make a big mess all around the floor. One time I remember we were all sitting in the house and it started to truly feel really warm. That seemed odd because I knew we had set the temperature to the thermostat to cool and not heat. I have it set on auto so that it adjust on its own with the temperature that is outside. I went over to look at the thermostat and find out that someone had been messing with it and actually made the thermostat go up considerably and that is exactly why it had gotten so hot in the house. I later learned that this has been the work of one of my sneaky kids. I decided we needed a nice talk with them about not messing with the thermostat because it changes the temperature inside your home. I also do not want those kids to mess with it because I am fearful that they can mess up the HVAC system and then we will really be in the dog house. I am sure that as they get older they will realize this ever more and they will not to mess with the HVAC system.

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HVAC equipment inside my office

I seriously need an office in my house. I recently got a promotion for my online job. I work from home with just the help of an old portable computer. It is an awesome job, however it entails too much inside time. I never have worked on my computer more than a few hours each day. Now I’m working full time on my computer. I do not have an office, desk or a good HVAC unit. Currently I write sitting at the kitchen table in an unwieldy chair. I have been getting hip and back problems. I need a desk that’s the right height for my arms and shoulders. I need a chair to support my back and hips. I also desperately need A/C. I am getting hot while I work now. It’s the summer and I badly need A/C. The air conditioner would be able to keep me a decent temperature despite my contact with my computer. My laptop naturally gets a touch too warm while I work. Then that heat spreads to my palms and warms my body. I need a cooling system for my body and for my laptop. I also think that I have to invest in heating for the winter months. Rather than buy an expensive unit for my kitchen, I need to put in an office. I just have to decide where in my home can take the new furniture and a good HVAC unit. I want it to be in a really good place for all my new investments.

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A geothermal HVAC system

I’ve got an above-ground pool and it’s so frustrating trying to keep the pool heated. I just bought a new solar cover for it, but it’s not really working. I fill the pool from water within the pond. The pond water is the perfect temperature. I then pump it into my above-ground pool with some chemicals. After only an hour, the water is too cold. It can’t even take one cold summer night in the climate here. The water gets so cold that I have been considering buying a heating system for my pool. But why does the tank cool that fast? I have been looking into it and I concluded it happens because it is above ground. It is just this way with heat pump units. Above-ground heat pump units can only work for heating and cooling purposes in more moderate climates. Once the outside air temperature drops into the forties, the heat pump is usually worthless. A geothermal heat pump system is underground and uses the warmth there. The geothermal pump will tolerate lower outside temperatures since it can be safely buried. Underground, heating is easier. This is the reason why inground pools tend to be much warmer than above floor pools. The geothermal heat pump is usually protected below ground. The climatic conditions, people and your lawn mower find it difficult to touch this fragile system. It is far better to go for an effective heating and cooling system that is buried below the surface. You should consider a geothermal heat pump for your property.

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