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I am a member of NASA and have been going on thirty years at this point and I can say that the single greatest perk is the cutting edge HVAC systems that we possess on our rockets. There is nothing on earth that beats spending days and days enjoying the cool air made by our rocket’s HVAC system. I know what you could very well be thinking, this astronaut is simply crazy and that is why he keeps ranting about HVAC systems. While normally I’d probably agree, I am actually the HVAC engineer that could be assigned to outer space flights. It is my sole responsibility to ensure that the HVAC systems on each of the rocket’s are maintained properly and won’t shut down. This entails making sure that the HVAC system’s filtration, venting, heating, and cooling subsystems and components are functioning at maximum capacity. Only a few realize this but HVAC systems are a mission critical feature of advanced rocketry. That is why it is important that the government take the different steps necessary to ensure which NASA has enough funding and is able to research and acquire advanced HVAC system technological know-how. I recently got involved within a huge controversy in such an incident in the government shutdown. I found out that the Russians had actually acquired advanced HVAC system technology that would allow much longer space arrivals, but our government was so dysfunctional that they let our competitors beat us! I am awfully proud being an American but the performance of our government lately has been nothing except terrible.

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Getting the cooling system installed

For the past few years, I have debated over with certainty if I should install central air conditioning inside my home. I live inside the northeast corner of the usa, and our priority is much of our heating system. We have super long and severely cold months. Our summer season is never all that long, and rarely very warm. We do, however, get hit with extremely high humidity levels that can make for very uncomfortable and sticky conditions. This spring, I was strongly considering an investment in a home cooling system. I kept putting off calling the local HVAC contractor, because the spring weather has not been very nice. Most days have been horribly cold, windy, and damp. It didn’t seem like summer time would ever arrive. I figured we were going to have a disappointing summer season, and never swim in this pool or require air conditioning. Abruptly, a couple of days before, the weather completely changed. An individual morning, the temperature soared up in the high eighties, the humidity changed brutally, and there was no relief at nighttime. My house began feeling similar to a tropical rainforest and I quickly contacted my HVAC issuer and tried to schedule installing central air conditioning. He informed me that they had no available appointments for three full weeks. Apparently each one of my neighbors had the similar idea, and got on the telephone quicker than I did. Although I have all of my windows open and a half dozen box fans set up, my house is terribly too hot and sticky. I sweat through my clothes just from sitting still, and it’s impossible to sleep during the night. I am super anxious to obtain the air conditioner installed, so I may start enjoying my summer.air conditioning filter

Tips for any house

Not that long ago I refinished the hardwood floor around my dining room. It was a huge project that required a substantial amount of work and long hours. I had to tear up and dispose of the old and ugly area rug. I then used a toxic and incredibly smelly chemical to strip away many layers of paint. After which, I ran an electric sander all night, smoothing out the bare wood. The last part of my own project was applying six coats of varnish. I should have saved this project for more gentle weather, so that I could allow the windows to be open and get some ventilation. Instead, I figured that mainly because it was an inside project, I would tackle it in the course of winter. The chemicals for stripping away the paint and varnish, caused some very nasty fumes in our house. Although I turned up the fan speed on my heating system, it could not seem to combat the smell. My entire family constantly complained about headaches. Once I started the varnishing, I decided to turn the fan altogether off, because I couldn’t chance stirring up dust. While I was sanding the floor, I created tons of dust particles. I frequently changed the filter of the furnace, hoping to prevent the dust from clogging the intrinsic workings. I also did not want the dust circulating throughout the house. Now that my project is finished, the dining room floor appears wonderful. I’ve made sure to schedule a scheduled visit with my local HVAC professional. I am sure that my furnace needs a thorough cleaning before next winter season.

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Repairing my climate control

Being the man of the house does have its benefits, but additionally some set backs. I love that my spouse handles all the cooking together with cleaning. I would hate to mess with the ingredients, dishes and cleaning items. That is where her expertise is in and I am the man who fixes things. I can install and setup everything. When my wife bought innovative windows, I put them within. When a new room needs drywall, I am the man for the job. When we got a fresh HVAC unit, I was our technician. It is really nice being naturally quite handy along with tools. I have never put in a heating and cooling unit before, but I knew I could do it. I did a small amount of research online before tackling this project. The last thing I wanted was to damage my cutting edge air conditioner and gas furnace. A gas furnace has hookups and a flue you will want to worry about. A cooling unit needs adequate amounts of refrigerant on your initial installation. I read the horror stories and learned from their stories. I took my time and I connected everything properly. I also have a look at how to do HVAC preservation. I now know I can pay attention to dust, repairs and know things about cleaning our HVAC unit. I realize what it should look like inside when I need a replacement a part. So we no longer must worry about HVAC service together with maintenance. I can take care of all of the heating and cooling needs.

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HVAC in my storage unit

Organization is not really my strong point. I try to keep things as neat and tidy as I can but I seem to not notice the way everything becomes unorganized. I choose my countertops, desk and dresser to have nothing on them, not even decorative things that I avoid obtaining. I rent my apartment and now have roommates so storage is alternatively tight. Plus, my philosophy is if you ever leave it in a pack, you don’t need it. Still, I know some things are seasonal items which include winter coats and gloves along with what not. I have a camping chair I use in the summer that I keep in a closet. The one thing I own that bothers me to have is my air conditioner. It’s heavy so that I don’t like moving it. While I do move it, I don’t prefer to move it very far. When summer has concluded the air conditioner usually finds a place in the corner of this room. I don’t want to lug the air conditioner all the way up to the attic. I fear I may drop the air conditioner and break it merely if I had to carry it that far. The air conditioner digs into my fingers when I lift it up and one time that I held the air conditioner along the back I sliced my fingers on the metal parts. So during the cold winter months my air conditioner is an eyesore just sitting in the corner of my room hoping for summer usage. I really wish air conditioners were lighter or had the way to block out the winter elements and will just stay in the windows.air duct

It’s practically a blizzard out here!

Several weeks ago, I traveled from my home on the eastern coast, all the way across the country, to the west coast. I was anxious to get far away from the snowy weather, and take pleasure in some warm sunshine. From my house to the airport is approximately an hour’s drive. Most of the drive is on winding country roads that are not always properly maintained. On the day of my flight, the outside temperature was down around zero.  The wind was blowing, and it was snowing constantly. I got up unusually early, so that I would have lots of time to drive to the airport. It took a really long time to warm up my car. I ran the heater and defrost on high, while I shoveled snow, brushed the snow off the hood, and scraped ice off the windshield. I kept the heater and defrost operating on high the whole time I drove to the airport. The roads were a complete mess, and I could not drive over thirty miles per hour. By the time I parked my car, and got through airport security, I was extremely close to missing my flight. I was forced to sprint from one end of the airport to my gate, which was located at the opposite end. I ran while wearing a heavy wool coat and winter boots, and carrying my laptop case and duffel bag. The thermostat in the airport must have been set ninety degrees, and heat was pounding out of all the available vents. By the time I got onboard the actual airplane, I was totally dripping sweat. The airplane was freezing cold.  The air conditioner had me shivering the entire flight.

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My comfort settings

I work as a receptionist for an HVAC company in town, and it is a good job. I take care of the scheduling of the technicians, setting up appointments for seasonal maintenance, repairs, and installation projects. I am a little envious our customers, because I am perpetually uncomfortable at work. It doesn’t matter what the weather brings, the conditions at the office are unpleasant. In the winter months, I am stuck with an outdated furnace that can’t handle temperatures below freezing. It is a single-stage unit, which means it’s either functioning at full capacity or completely off. The inside of the building is either overheated, and freezing cold. I keep my wool coat handy, and continually put it on and take it back off. When the furnace starts up, it introduces a great deal of dust into the air, and the whole building stinks like burning hair. I make sure to have a box of tissues on my desk, because I’m always sneezing. The conditions only worsen in the summer. The air conditioner rattles and moans like it’s literally dying. It also leaks a great deal condensate, and I need to set up pails to catch overflow. Neither the furnace or the air conditioner has been professionally cleaned in the last ten years. I am positive that the device is contaminated with bacteria and mold, and wasting a tremendous amount of electricity. Unfortunately, there is never an opportunity for the HVAC technicians to service and properly clean the system at the office. We still are making do with an ancient dial thermostat, even though our technicians are continually recommending wireless options to our customers.

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Some easy drain cleaning tips

The apartment complex that live inside is pretty attractive. We have a gym, some sort of pool, and a playground for the kids. It is nice and cheap to reside here so I won’t begin moving any time soon. Certainly one of my favorite things about living here, though, is the regular maintenance they perform on the apartments. Recently they had a plumbing company come into play to clean out all the drains. I’m sure not all the drains are going to be cleaned. However, it is a powerful way to prevent a clog or a burst pipe. I understand why the landlord does this. It is much cheaper to have preventative maintenance done than to get big repairs done. The plumbers that come in are very professional too. They checked the pipes under my sink along with the pipes in my bathroom. I was not home at that moment, but they put everything right in place again where they found it. I was not aware of if they found anything, but both my drains are more effective now. Since all the pipes at my apartment building are connected it is important that they are all working well. If one person is careless with their sink or shower it might lead to big problems for everyone. This regular maintenance definitely takes care of that. We have never had this type of water turn off since I have been living here. I have additionally never experienced a clogged pipe either. When I get my own house eventually I’ll be sure to have a plumber check my drains and plumbing regularly.


Heading to Scottsdale

One of my favorite places in the whole country is Scottsdale, Arizona, and I hope to one day live there. I ended up visiting Scottsdale a few years ago because of my occupation, and since then, I revisit whenever I get the offer. I love that all of the Scottsdale area is surrounded from the Sonoran Desert, which must be just about the most unique and beautiful place we know of. The Sonoran Desert is unquestionably huge, covering around one 100 thousand square miles, and makes up the southern half of AZ. It also extends into California and Mexico. An interesting fact is that the Sonoran Desert is the one place on earth where the saguaro cacti habitate. These rare plants are guarded, and you can be fined ten thousand dollars if you ever try to take one without a proper license. There are actually around several thousand different species of plants associated with the Sonoran Desert. When I visit Scottsdale, I make sure to spend an afternoon in the desert, appreciating the amazing scenery. I’ve managed to spot a lot of different types of cactus, some coyote, and even a bobcat. I think that perhaps the reason this area gets a really diverse range of foliage and animals is because it gets more rainfall than any at least one day desert. When I take my vacation in Scottsdale, I usually produce a trip to Phoenix for daily. There is so much to complete and see there that it is hard to manage it all within just a day. I hope that whenever I finally get to proceed to Scottsdale, I will have made the effort to explore the entire condition of Arizona.

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Learn about the most efficient HVAC

Environmental protection is extremely important to me and my family. I recycle if and when I can and make my own compost to prevent from adding to landfills. I grow my own vegetables, and use no harmful sprays or chemicals. When my husband and I built our new home, I knew that there was clearly only one possible choice for the HVAC system. So we invested in a geothermal heat pump, which uses energy found right in this particular own backyard to heat and cool our home. It is the most energy efficient option for home temperature control available, and highly recommended by environmentally friendly protection agencies. Because the ground absorbs heat from the sun, it remains at a constant temperature year round. By having a geothermal HVAC system, a number of pipes are buried under your floor. During the winter, the system draws heat through the ground and transfers it into your house. During the summer, the system reverses direction and transfers heat with the home to the outside, creating a cooling effect. It costs me about a dollar on a daily basis to keep my home at the perfect temperature all year long. The system does not burn fossil fuels to create heat or give off greenhouse gas emissions. There are no smells or combustion byproducts, such since carbon monoxide. Geothermal heating along with cooling is entirely safe, washable, and ideal for people who put up with allergies and asthma. It requires little maintenance, other than occasional filter changes and an annual service check from a qualified HVAC technician. While geothermal HVAC is very expensive to install, the energy savings have recovered from the investment in less than three years.

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