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I grew up at the beach. It was so relaxing to wake each morning to the sights and sounds for the ocean. Oddly enough, that was my favorite part. If you have ever been to the ocean you just might like relate to my feelings with this. The smell of the salt air could be the most comforting part of beach life. As soon as you step outside you experience this amazing smell. Even right now, as I live far from the area, I can close my eyes and think of it. I revisit as often as I can and wish We could bottle up the air and bring it home. There were some points that were not as relaxing about living over the coast. During the winter, we could experience very strong cold winds that would sweep across the ocean and chill us to our bones. We relied upon our gas heater and keep us warm and comfortable. Thankfully, we lived close enough to the highway to be supplied by way of our town’s gas lines. We made sure that we contacted our local HVAC technician on a yearly basis to perform a total check of the system. They were required to travel quite far to get to the house and we didn’t want any issues during the night or on a weekend when it was hard to reach them. Without a doubt, living at the ocean has many fond memories. My family enjoyed warm sun-drenched days and beautiful sunsets. We also endured some very cold nights and were very thankful which our gas furnace was all set when this happened.HVAC equipment

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I have not had the opportunity to have many jobs during my time here on earth. I am only twenty so I’ve been in school for most of this time and have not been required to work. But still, I was forced to work with the summers by parents which really is the only job experience that I have ever had. I guess looking back I wish I would have had more experience in terms of interviewing for jobs, especially considering that I recently graduated from college and I really need a job! So I applied to two big name companies in addition to a few local firms near your parents.  I got a few interviews lined up but the first one really destroyed my confidence because of a faulty HVAC system. I arrived to your interview fairly early so that would appear to be punctual and professional, but the heat was cranked up very high. The heater felt like it was operating on full blast, and soon I started sweating a result of the intense heat. I was not that nervous when I had first arrived but as soon as the heating system made me start to sweat I panicked. When it came time for the interviewer to see me, I could feel beads of sweat dripping down the spine of my neck and getting on my forehead. I was silently begging for someone to turn the furnace off completely and instead start the air conditioning system to cool the room off.  I don’t think I did very well in that interview I absolutely hope the next company I interview at contains a fully functioning HVAC system and I can be more comfortable during the process.

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Trying to make a clean home

Sometimes I wonder plainly if it would be better if I actually were single. I love my girlfriend but she is really demanding. I feel like I am constantly running errands and fixing things for her. She also totally wears the pants in our relationship. That is never good when the man knows it. I hate that I am forced to complete things I do not like to do all the time. Recently she started using it in her head that the apartment is dirty. That means instead of playing X-box I had to help vacuum the rug. I also was required to wash and dry dishes. Then my girlfriend was on me to completely clean our air conditioner. I do not know why she feels I am qualified to do this. It must be because I am a man that she thinks I recognize how to clean it. Apparently all appliances and mainly metal items adult males understand. I do not have the skills to know how my cooling system works. I am unsure how to see if it happens to be clean or dirty. I wanted to figure it out though unless I wanted my girl to be insane. I looked around online for awhile. I figured out that my air conditioner comes with an air filter. You have to replace and clean an air filter monthly. I kept that bit of detail to myself. The last thing I want is to possess a monthly job. After cleaning a disgustingly soiled filter I knew that there seems to be mold in the system. Organizing the mold was awful and as per what I read online, you can do again.air conditioning

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I love when it is the fall because it signals that the hot summer days are done and the cool nights are coming. There’s the holidays to enjoy and people just seem a lot more hospitable and open. The old garden flowers out of summer are replaced with fall colored blooms as they are therefore fresher, and so is the world. Caramel apples, hot chocolate and warm cobbler is over the menu. Yummy. But, as it is well known, winter will arrive and by it, the cold seemingly will happen as well.


When fall is all done and gone, winter hits you with it’s icy fingers along with frigid winds. What I liked least about winter is that: I can’t get warm, In the event the cold has set in, in spite of how much I bundle upward, and I am still cold. The heater is my only acquaintance. If there is comfort to get, it’s when the heat from my HVAC unit hums me to sleep and keeps me there at dawn when I know I need to leave the toasty heated bed. I know there are people who sleep with the windows open in winter. Their heater may be on as well, but they like the cold air equally. My heater doesn’t have a competition. The lone hero around my frozen days, my heating system makes the winter stop at my door.


I might never be a fan of winter in spite of how extreme the climate that I live in. No matter how cold it is, I know the only relief is a heating system for my ease.

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My parents had me do tons of yard work in my childhood, mostly in the summers when school was out and my own siblings and I couldn’t get away from the house. My father taught me a whole lot of landscaping techniques that helped me discover how to make gardens and take care of our area. I had a really rough time sometimes dealing with the weather and the degree of the work I was doing. My mother would come out just about every time we were working and force my dad to give us a crack. I’d run right into the house and sit in front of the air conditioner. My mom would try to bring us lemonade some days, or ice cream to enable us to keep cool, but it didn’t balance being outside for such a long time. Some days we’d get to walk in our creek but it was always too muggy, and often times the project we were doing didn’t permit long breaks to change inside dry clothes. I found that the best solution had been to go inside only a few minutes every so often and sit in the lounge room, or kitchen. My siblings would do a similar thing and run into the house each time there was a lull with work. Being outside caused so much sweat but going inside was time consuming most of the time. The change in temperature with the outside felt immediately refreshing whenever you walked through the door. I have absolutely no idea how awful it would’ve been to not have an HVAC device.

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Residing in a place where the weather is normally warm, air conditioning is crucial. I am usually at the office for the entire day and fill my weekends with outdoor activities. I like to return home to a cool house to relax in. Regrettably, running the air conditioner all day would drive my electric bill up super high. Having a smart thermostat eliminates this problem entirely. Since I am able to access my thermostat at at any time from my smart phone, I have the freedom to adjust the temperature to answer the weather outside.  I can set it to be ready when I arrive home. I can turn the air conditioner on and cool my house down before I return home. This prevents the air conditioner from running for hours on end while no one is there to appreciate it. There would be no stale, warm air blowing over the house when I arrive back  home in the evenings. The smart thermostat works great after returning from a workout at the gym. The air conditioning pumping through the house before I get there always helps to cool my body temperature all the way down and alleviate any discomfort. The thermostat is also effective during the winter to lessen the workload of the heater. There is nothing better than being welcomed by a warm home after being outside in the cold weather. The smart thermostat gives me the ability to access the heater and get the house nice and cozy at any given time. This prevents me from needing to run the heater while I am typically at work or even asleep for the night. The smart thermostat allows me to save money on my electric bill and maximize energy efficiency.heating and air conditioning

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Personally, I think that key to having a good day is to experience a good morning. If I can get my mornings to go well, then the rest of the day is most likely to stay the same. There are a few things that I do so that I have a wonderful morning.  That way, the number of things that can potentially not work out is severely limited. First, I like to have all my work clothes ready to go the night before.  I have all of the supplies and lunch that I bring to work ready as well. I like to make sure I have a decent lunch, which by itself does amazing things for my mood. There is one thing that I am missing and would like to have. It would certainly boost the measure of my successes each morning.  I wish that I had  heated floors in my house. I currently do not have radiant flooring available to me. My cold feet bring this to my awareness every time I step out of bed on those cold winter days. If I were to have heated floors in my house, I would not have to dread the impact of my feet hitting the floor. Rather, they would be met with a warm welcome.  I would feel anticipation for what is about to come throughout the rest of the day. I will need to hire a technician for installation in order to get the job done right. This way, the radiant system will operate properly and efficiently.   My days will start our wonderfully warm.

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