Annoying HVAC sounds

My brother recently graduated from college, and everyone in the family went to the ceremony to view him walk across the stage. It was late May and the weather in our region had been unseasonably hot. The ceremony was held inside the school’s gymnasium with students from two other campuses within the same unified community college. There have been being upwards of five thousand people crammed on the bleachers, not including all of the students in the center getting ready to receive their own diplomas. The gym had skylights that let in a whole lot of sunlight, which heated the seats directly under them up enough to bake those unfortunate enough to be stuck sitting there. I scanned the bleachers before we all went to get seated, wanting to find someplace in close proximity to a fan or some method of obtaining cool air. I couldn’t discover any visible ductwork or any other heat control equipment, except for several small box fans situated across the floor of the place, and that didn’t help. My parents insisted on sitting close to the top so we could see everyone down on the stage and in the rows of graduates. As we climbed upwards there, I could practically feel the air getting hotter and far more humid. My shirt started sticking to my back after only a few minutes of just sitting still. His graduation ceremony took hours upon days, and I heard a weird clicking sound several times throughout. I think it was the HVAC system wanting to turn on, but not quite getting there due to the extreme heat. It was such a miserable experience that I don’t even want to sit through another graduation ever again.

HVAC system 

Wishing there was a better HVAC system

The college I attend has a beautiful campus with several buildings.  Some are old while others are really modern. The older buildings way outnumber the newly remodeled ones. Being an English major, most of my classrooms are located in the older classrooms whereas science major classes are typically situated in the newer climate controlled ones. One of my English classes in my senior year was in the most uncomfortable classroom in the entire school. It was the spring semester therefore, the weather ranged from snowy to very warm towards the end of the semester. At least I expected the weather outside. The conditions inside depended on the the HVAC system operated upon it’s own schedule!  On the first day of class the classroom was so cold we’re able to all see our breath. I don’t know generally if the heater was even on. In the event the warmer months came around, this classroom grew very warm. We’d leave the windows open and run fans but this did not seem to help much. I wish there was central air in that room. Because of how uncomfortable air quality was I rarely joined in the class. This was reflected in my failing grades. In order to graduate I had to attend summer class in the same room. This was awful as that classroom was even warmer and obviously weren’t going to install a new HVAC system just for a few summer school students. I wish I would’ve merely sucked it up and gone to class. The HVAC system not working isn’t as bad as driving to school everyday during the summer when all my friends at the lake.home comfort system

Trying to clean the air vents

My own first car was a junker. I saved up an entire year for it. Every bit of money I received went around my car fund until, finally, I saw that I had enough money to buy an existing junker my neighbor was merchandising. It functioned, but was pretty beat up. It barely had power steering, the tires were worn along with the lights fogging up. I wasn’t concerned, because I just got my first car! I actually invested in them before I could legally drive, so I took my permit lessons inside and pretended to drive it while it was parked. When I finally turned 16 and legally could drive, I started taking it out inside the summer. Where I live with the south, the summers can get insanely hot- even past 92 degrees. I was so excited to drive an automobile that I didn’t even think about whether my car had an effective air conditioner. I got halfway to my destination before I was drenched inside sweat. I was headed to pick up my friend to cruise around, but I was so overheated that I needed to come into her house for a bit. Man, A/C had never felt more delicious. Her parents had just paid an HVAC technician to set up a new central air system. They vents all through the dwelling, and even had a smart thermostat that allowed these to change the temperature in each and every room! We weren’t supposed to touch the thermostat, but we turned the air conditioner down in the entryway and just enjoyed the cool air before we left again. Now, just about every summer, we all hang out and about at her house. I guess her parents knew that they made a good decision whenever they had the HVAC company fit new units!

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I really think my heater needs a repair

Tomorrow is the one year point of my family and I moving into the current house. There have been positives and negatives but that is natural. I mean, living is really one big learning time. I am pretty glad however that the kids have gotten a number of nice friends at this new school, and they did not have a while to adjust in the slightest. We all love our yard, our huge pool, and all the rooms. I was cautious at first since the house is near a major road, however it does not go a long while before you really start ignoring the noise that is emitted from the trucks and cars. Honestly, our only actual problem we experienced happened when our heating and cooling equipment began seeing issues. The home was made in 1995 and though I am not some expert on that subject, the cooling and heating system appeared to be all original. Perhaps two decades isn’t incredibly aged but it’s not particularly brand-new at this point. Our heater was the most vital problem to deal with right away. One day while it was cold I switched it on. Our furnace went to turn on just like normal, however then very quickly stopped. It looked in order, like the system should be working, but there was not any heat going out from our vents. As a test, I got on my air conditioning, and it worked, making me to just call and make a session with our HVAC provider to determine what was going on. The day after, our technician went to my home, but the heater wouldn’t stay on for the technician either. After a short while the technician concluded that the furnace truly should be replaced, likely due to poor maintenance.heating equipment

HVAC during my last prom

A short while ago I just went to our senior year prom. It was bunches of fun, if you ask me! I arrived in a large group of others and we were dressed and took pictures at the house with each other too. It was truly great! When we went to our prom, I was amazed at the lovely things and everything that they found. It was very obvious how our prom planning club had put so much dedication into organizing this big dance and ensuring it’d turn out to be simply great. Another thing I would say that is a tad bit negative about the prom was that HVAC system that they used at the location during the dance. In dinner, I honestly did not see it all too much, because we were not out and moving or anything like that. It did seem to be near the warmer side though as I stepped into that dancing room, however I quickly pushed it back and decided to just ignore it. Then when we were dancing after the dinner and all that that I truly saw how high the heating system was on in there. I was surely uncomfortable during most of the night, the heating proved to  be so overbearing to me that we occasionally needed to go and stand outside since it was much colder than the dancing room inside. Is that not strange to think about if there was going to be a lot of kids in one place to opt for renting the air conditioner systems and equipment instead of the heating units? Perhaps it is simply me, but I guess that would have permitted the night to be even more fun.


Thermostats are confusing sometimes

There definitely isn’t a whole lot of down time when you becoming a parent of two children. My spouse and I never get to go on our dates like when we used to before we had kids. One weekend we decided that we ought to hire a babysitter so we can get away. We planned on going out to dinner and the movie theatre. We found a babysitter to look at our two kids. It was certainly hard to explain the rules to our new babysitter. The biggest issue was that the kids must be in bed by eight o’clock. We don’t explain how to run that thermostat, to her though. I did not think the temperature of the home would be a problem when we left that night. It’s the middle of spring so it is warm in daytime and cold at night. While we were enjoying our meals the babysitter called and said she could not figure out how to set the thermostat to a much cooler temperature. We have a good heating and cooling system that she wished to turn on. She said the kids had been running and playing and needed air conditioning to cool down slightly. I had left the heat on considering that it would get cooler as the time passed. Instead of describing to the babysitter how the thermostat works I just went and changed it myself. We have a smart thermostat that will go and connect to the wifi in our home. Thanks to this smart thermostat changing the temperature is a breeze.

A/C at the bridal shower

My bridal shower occurred earlier this month. I was completely excited to see all of my friends and family. The weather was supposed to become clear skies and nice and warm. This happened to be exactly what I had wanted and I was so happy. We got everything to where we wanted it to be outside and it look unquestionably perfect. It was starting in about an hour so I went inside to ready. Right before my friends were to arrive, I went back out to be sure of everything one last time was good to go. There was a black cloud, directly above my marriage shower set-up. It was definitely going to pour any second. I didn’t think everyone could fit into my house, but it had to happen. With the help with my mom, I moved everything inside our small house and hoped of which everyone could fit in there! It was crazy because my parents had just put their HVAC system up-to-date. I turned the air conditioning on immediately to check if it was even pumping out cold oxygen. Their air conditioning unit was split up until last week. It is therefore amazing they got it fixed in time for this disaster! The technicians came a similar day and my parents called and after having a couple hours, they had an entirely new system. Even though it did cost them a lot of money to replace it, it was completely more than worth it to me. Especially because it started raining for the reason that guests were coming and we were all stuck in my parent’s smaller house. I cannot imagine what may have been without any air conditioning or a place to move into when it rained.

A/C equipment 

Ways to service your central air

We are always doing repairs to our lovely home. We like tackling sometimes these challenging repairs together. Recently we went and rebuild our children’s play tree house. We felt that it was unsafe to be able to use so we decided to take it down and rebuild the application from scratch. The treehouse was there once we first bought the house around three years ago. We always told our children to prevent going up there when we’re not home due to the condition of it. Just recently we also had to have our HVAC system serviced. But instead of repairing it ourselves we decided to leave it to our nearby HVAC professionals to do the job for us. They are an ideal HVAC provider and they provide some very nice knowledge and advice on the best option for us. We were told that on the subject of our air conditioning system it ought to be kept clean and clear in the outdoor unit. Nothing should become near the thing, not even a few feet away. Our HVAC technician also told us that to keep an eye of our duct work. If our ductwork is simply not sealed properly, cool air and heat can escape it, causing the system running more than it needs to actually be running. You can waste up to 40 percent of energy when the seals of the ducts aren’t sealed properly. If they are sealed properly you won’t face these problems. He also told my spouse and I to give him a call every year if need be.home comfort

My gym and the bad air conditioner

My new job moved me across the state. This area of the state was very different from where I grew up. There is always traffic, and there are a lot more people and stores.  Being in the city I feel like there will be more opportunities and experiences to help me fulfill my destiny. If I stayed where I was from, I don’t think I would have had all these opportunities.  I’m very excited to get started on my life here. I am also into fitness so choosing a condo, it had to be in close proximity to a gym. I was lucky and signed up in a gym that was only a block around the corner from my condo. My first workout experience was a very sweaty one and it was not from me working hard. When I started my workout, an employee came up to me to tell me that their air conditioning unit quit. I felt like I was in a sauna. The employee apologized and said an HVAC technician was on his way for repairs. creep into the gym to do air conditioning repair. I told her that it wasn’t an issue and that I will be back to feel the cool air blast out soon.

air conditioner service 

Will there be an air conditioner?

There is a final evaluation coming up with my student teaching position. I hate getting reviewed on my teaching. It quite possibly will be the most awkward experience in a entire life. I get two women telling me how bad I am at teaching for about a half an hour. One woman is the teacher whose class I’m of course instructing for free. I do every single piece of her work while she sits on her fat butt. The other woman is my supervisor who has watched me teach only three times and feels she’s qualified to provide me advice. It is really annoying to hear women who are not qualified tell me what I need to do. The evaluation always happens around my lunch as well. All I want to do is go to the toilet, eat and enjoy my smallish break. Instead I have to sit and starve for it. I will have taught a lesson too. For some reason I usually sweat when I teach prior to an evaluation. Maybe the heating system is warmer on those days? Perhaps it is just my body’s temperature that increases when I get nervous. All I know is that I get overheated and sweat with my shirt. Then I have the women yell at me while I am trying to cover pit stains. I then get really cold when sweat cools down. The school has AC running always. The cooling system combined with my wet shirt makes me chilly. Then I am freezing, hungry and I have to pee but get yelled at.cooling system