Hoping I don’t sweat a lot

I’m some graduate student at a prestigious college in the area. If you know anything about Grad school it is probably the most gruelling experiences university students will encounter. The work-load is enormous, the hours spent studying outweigh the hours spent sleeping and somewhere in there you have to try to fit in a job to help support yourself while experiencing this horrendous experience. We all get very excited in May when we realize the semester is coming for a close and that we have a nice warm summer to enjoy. We start to think ahead to the long summer nights, drive-in theaters in addition to outdoor concerts that we’ll show up at. And then reality hits. The dreaded exam week is upon you before you can guess what happened. Exam week is quite simply mental torture. Professors are testing you on material you haven’t discussed in weeks. In a lot of cases, you have to do the proper demonstration on a skill you learned last year. Needless to say it gets rough. But the worst part is when you show up for an examination already exhausted, both mentally and physically and you realize that in anticipation for the warm weather the school has fired up the air conditioning. Now, normally you can appreciate being cool when you’re sweating profusely, but when the a/c is usually on so high that you’re cold enough that you can’t concentrate that isn’t such a good thing. Taking exams is hard enough minus the added stressor of an overactive air conditioning product. Next exam I’ll know to bring a sweater with me!

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The newest HVAC technology

Art is a powerful passion that I have had all my life. I started drawing when I was about two and a half and my parents enrolled me in several painting and sculpting classes. The classes really helped me grow to become a talented artist, if I do say so myself. The only problem with investing a great deal in your child becoming a thriving artist is that the success component of that picture is not at all times certain. I try to put my artwork out within the world but rarely if ever do I get any positive feedback. This experience has become a bit depressing for me, and I’ve got pretty much resigned to teaching art at a local high school where I enjoy my HVAC system controlled school room. I do not actually make enough money to cover a heating and cooling system in my home, so that is why I just enjoy the furnace and air conditioner that will be provided by the school. In regards to HVAC systems, I actually had someone mistake me as the inventor of the smart thermostat on a blind date a few days ago. This was saddening at first while they didn’t recognize me for my art, but the fact in which I was mistaken for a young multimillionaire who invented a popular piece of technology was actually rather hilarious. I figured I would go with the joke and I informed her that I had plenty of other ideas which were going to revolutionize the comprehensive HVAC industry. She seemed fascinated with my conversation so I just thought to give a fake spiel concerning various radiant flooring, forced air, and other contemporary HVAC system techniques. At the end of this meal I felt rather weird about having lied a great deal so I did not bother to call the woman back again.residential HVAC

I really don’t want to scare any kids

My wife and I own a restaurant about three blocks downtown from our dwelling. We have a 13 year old daughter in addition to a 16 year old boy. My significant other goes home for some time before our dinner service to be home when the kids jump off the school bus and to assure they are settled in, then they are alone in the house from about 4 to 8 o’clock when we get back. They are pretty well mannered and responsible. We’ve never seen any difficulties with this system. Any time something goes wrong or they require some help, they know to call us and that we can get home within a couple minutes. Last week our home HVAC system malfunctioned right after my wife left them alone in our house and came back to our restaurant. The air handler had started to vibrate, as I’m assuming the blower or fan came unfastened somehow. The HVAC system is a legitimate mystery to kids who can be young, so even though there ended up being no danger at all, the buzzing air handler gave them a significant scare. I came home right away and laughed when I uncovered the HVAC mishap. I turned the air conditioning off that night mainly because it was very mild outside. The next day the area HVAC repair shop sent a technician through the house to fix up whatsoever had loosened that air handler. Even though the noise wasn’t actually a monster within the utility room, that air handler ordeal nevertheless has my kids scared within the house’s basement at night, no matter how reassuring the HVAC technical assistant was.

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Tips on how to fix an air conditioner

My wonderful mother made my sister and I visit our disgustingly old relatives down south earlier this summer. It was a real bummer considering my sister and I already had tickets to get to see a really rad band that had been coming into the area, but as a consequence of my mom we would be absent during that time. So the whole family ended spending a week in the south where it is extremely hot. To make matters more painful, the relatives we were sticking with had a broken air conditioner. They had mentioned that the air conditioner subsystem with the HVAC system was down, but that the furnace and ventilation worked merely fine. I could not but believe it was so idiotic to get a heating system installed into one’s house if he or she are living in the southern regions, but I managed to maintain my mouth shut. So during this week my own sister and I just lurked miserably around the house, wishing for the HVAC technicians to return and fix the air conditioner system. They never came though, but my grandmother certainly thought they had. Our grandmother can be an extremely old and crazy sweetheart, and she kept addressing us as if we were the HVAC technicians which were here to fix the air conditioning system throughout the house. Being repeatedly mistaken was a certain amount of an annoyance, but we were successful in getting our grandmother to purchase our HVAC expertise and the ‘repairs’ that we performed on the air conditioner. Not surprisingly we didn’t actually do anything to the central air conditioning system, however , hey, money is money!heater service

HVAC on the first date

I have a very serious job and I am employed by the U. S. federal united states government. I cannot say what department I am employed by but which is not anything to do while using intelligence agencies cough cough. Irregardless, my job is often a bit restrictive in that I cannot leave baltimore without getting the proper approval from my higher up. So whenever I meet a nice girl I always have to obtain some lame excuse why I actually cannot meet her parents from out west, which to me is often a fair tradeoff. Anyway, I end up having to possess a lot of dates over at my house because some of the security concerns that my agency has with me going out in public. That isn’t the main problem though, the main problem is the HVAC system configurations in my home. Whenever I have to start bringing a girl over for dinner I am always rather pressed on how much I am able to control the heating and cooling system within my home. It is tied instantly to my science lab, and there are many extremely temperature-sensitive specimens that count on a constant, reliable heating system. I cannot just willy nilly move up the thermostat in the hopes we’d find some good air conditioned air out of the ventilation shaft. The security for the nation rests on the heater and air conditioner naturally! So naturally I try to achieve clearance to go out and about whenever possible, ignoring the whole heating and cooling system baggage is usually my best bet. But as I said even that is fairly difficult, so maybe dating isn’t really with the cards for me right at this point.air conditioning tune-up

Trying to not freeze

My parents just remodeled the house and made a “game room” for me. It is a massive room with a television and gaming systems, pool table, air hockey table, and several other things. It was really nice of them to do it, but since I’m older and travelling to college soon, it kind of felt somewhat random. They re-did the kitchen and their bedroom, and added two bathrooms. They also completely remodeled the entire basement, which they turned into a movie area and some workspaces for themselves. Maybe they felt bad that they didn’t re-do my room or my bathroom, so they really gave me this game room as an apology. As nice as it ended up being, I never go in that place. Honestly, it’s way too freezing to be comfortable. The floors are brand-new but what my parents need to have installed there is heated floors. The room is big and echos  a lot. It smells a lot like fresh paint, and it is way too cold to stay in there for long periods of time. If there were heated floors my friends and I would be in there constantly. Even carpet would be an improvement. One thing they did update was their HVAC system throughout the home. We have zone control now which can be very exciting because I can set different rooms to completely different temperatures, right from my phone. My mom is always hot, even though I’m constantly freezing, so this will be perfect for us, and will likely lessen the amount of arguments inside our home. Maybe I’ll try sending heat into that game room so my buddy and I can use it! I can set the temperature to 70 when I’m about to leave school so by the time I get home it is just about ready to be played in!

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A/C on a hot day

Summer is a time to be hot in the sunshine. I love how warm it is every day and night. I could spend all day outside lounging in my pool or doing work across the yard. On days when it gets really warm, I love being able to just jump in the pool. The cool water would make the summer heat much more bearable. One summer day got so hot that not even the pool was enough, nevertheless. On days like that I really do rely on my air conditioner to save me from the summer sun. I have a large central air conditioning unit that cools every room in my house. The air conditioner sits in my backyard, where I have arranged the landscaping around it so it’s just barely possible to see the air conditioner. On hot summer days I turn my thermostat down below seventy degrees. There is a steady amount of cold air from every vent in the home. My air conditioner is fairly new thus I am not worried about it conking out. It just works, day in and day out. The house stays cool and comfortable even in the hottest summer days. I have started directing the air conditioning vents to blow on me wherever I roam in the house. Without my air conditioner, I may not survive these hot summer times. Even my pool does not help, compared to the cool air that is there in my house. The air conditioning is even better at night. It would be practically impossible to fall asleep without the air conditioning on. I cannot drift off if I am too warm.


HVAC and air quality

While I was in high school, my little brother actually got pretty invested in our local community chorus. He started singing when he was pretty young, and ended up getting good by the time he was old enough to participate. I was happy for him and all, but I hated being forced to sit through his concerts. It was all church and chamber compositions, and the concerts were merged with orchestra and band performances, which meant they lasted for hours on end. I would get dressed up with my parents, drive to one of the local concert halls, and sit, bored to death, through the whole thing. Mostly I hated that his concert venues were always freezing cold. It was like they didn’t install a  furnace or something. I learned later that they were so cold because it kept the instruments from warping out of tune, but it didn’t make me feel any better when I was shivering in my thin dress without a coat. Although it was below zero out in the open, they would heat up the lobby a little bit and keep the actual auditorium chilly. I wasn’t very lucky, as well; I almost always ended up sitting directly beneath an air conditioning duct, which practically cut the temperature where I was sitting by two. I started bringing hand warmers and heavy coats, even when the forecast didn’t call for any kind of cold weather. I was so grateful to go home at the end of the night, since it meant not having to deal with overblown air conditioning any more that night. I was much happier, still, when my brother finally got fed up with it all and quit the community chorus altogether.

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My heating system

In high school, some of my friends ended up convincing me to participate in the club they were beginning. It was allegedly a sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast group, but once we got started with everything, it was pretty obvious they were just there to remain really dorky and dress in the elaborate costumes they’d made at home. It was pretty fun, though, even if all we did was create new characters for our games and play a whole lot of desktop games. Eventually, the club actually gained some new people, and we started to have to consider actual activities to do as a group. One of my friends suggested an outing to a Renaissance Fair, and everyone loved the thought of doing so. It was in late March, and after we got the details worked out, our teacher advisor drafted up some permission slips for the members. We actually had enough money in our accounts to book a bus, which sounded awesome until we actually got onto it. The bus driver had hooked up a heater at the front of the bus. It was set way too high, though, and since it was raining outside for most of the ride, that space heater was turning the back of the bus to a swamp. We tried to open a few windows, but the driver just yelled back at us to keep them shut. By the time we made it to the fairgrounds, all of our club members were sweating straight through their costumes. It had stopped pouring down rain, thankfully, but there was no place for us to dry off. There was one actual building on the corner of the grounds that was supposed to be a first aid station, but since the heating was broken inside, sitting inside it only made us even even more cold and damp.

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What I’d like to know about air quality

Everyone lives in a poor quality house at some point in their lives. For many of us, those awful houses are a staple of their college years. They’re cheap to reside in, with landlords that don’t usually care what you get up to in them providing you don’t burn the place down. From their creaking floors and their thin carpets, there’s a weird kind of nostalgia about them that hits a few months after you relocate out of one. Unfortunately for many of us, that era of subpar housing never really ends. Unless you somehow discover a solid job that pays sufficiently, you might just get stuck renting exactly the same kind of place consistently. My current apartment is extremely bad, even with my cheap standards. I live on the top floor with two friends, and lately we’ve been having a problem with the leaky roof. The heating and cooling system inside the place is really out of whack, so whenever the roofing leaks, our house gets extremely humid. All the doors just started to swell and warp when the idea rains. In the colder weather, it’s nearly impossible to evade the damp chill. The quality of air is awful, and I’m start to suspect that the air filter simply hasn’t been changed since the late seventies. I’d ask the landlord to sort it out if he ever returned anybody’s calls. We’ve been trying to figure out our own solutions in that meantime. One of my housemates came home with a used dehumidifier a week ago. It’s really loud, but seems to do just as well taking the humidity out with the air and helping us all breathe a bit easier.heating products