The HVAC system in the hospital

I recently spent a few days in the hospital. I was in a vehicle accident and was hurt pretty terribly. The doctors wanted to make sure that I was feeling normal again before I was allowed to leave. The first night with the hospital was tough. I did not sleep well at all. It was truly a strange place with peculiar noises. The worst part, nevertheless, was that it was too warm around my room. It was springtime so one day it could be hot and the next could be cold. I could not find out how to work my HVAC unit that was in the room either. It was one particular unit that sat under the window. I thought I should be able to have it hot or cold when I wanted. On the days that it got cold outside I would make an effort to turn up the heat. However nothing would happen. The following day the sun would be shining and I nothing I did would get the air conditioner to work. Finally one of the nurses came in and explained the HVAC unit and how to make it work. Apparently I was changing the thermostat but failed to hit the switch to turn on the heating and cooling. Once we figured that simple mistake out my room was always at the right temperature. It would produce warm air on frosty spring mornings. It also cooled everything in the room down to help me sleep at night. I am sure that this HVAC unit helped my injury recovery along. It allowed me to loosen up and rest until I was feeling back to normal. I wish my personal HVAC worked that well.

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An electric space heater

I got a new space heater the other day. I am not the biggest fan of space heaters since they are dangerous, overheat as well as use a great deal of energy. There was no other good heating choice though. I work in an office space that feels like working within an igloo. I sit at the head desk so if I were a heavy coat and mittens all day, people and customers walking in and out from the office would question me I’m sure. I would be cod and miserable. It is so hard to take my coat off though because whoever controls our HVAC settings is doing a bad job. It is always way too cold. I am never really cold at all. Temperatures have to be really low for me to complain and that is how you know it’s really bad. I ordered a cheap space heater for my work place on this HVAC supply website. Before buying one, I viewed many and decided on this blog because it had good opinions. People said it blew out some heat but it did not really get too overly hot. It has a timer so it turns off after a modicum of time. I needed some variety of heater for the office and for the reason that space heater is small, lightweight and portable that it was my best bet for now. I will test it out for and see how I as it. I can always exchange it for something else. As for the electricity bills, I’m not paying. Sorry to whoever is.

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Why A/C can be important

My parents are out of town this week. They’re off to Hawaii for a break of a lifetime. Since before I was born even, they have been working harder than anyone I know. I have three other brothers and sisters so my parents raised all of us. They payed for everything and worked hard to make sure we always had everything necessary to live comfortably and very it’s good to know. They payed for us all to attend college and we all now have really good jobs and are happily living with our families and kids today. As a gift, we all spent money to fund our parents trip to Hawaii. They were so excited as well as shocked when we all told them. They are going to be in a nice hotel using a air conditioner and enjoying the warm weather. I am so jealous of them! That’s just fine though because they deserve it all. I also volunteered to take my parent’s cat in when they are away. In my own household, we really do not prefer to use the A/C. It’s not because we don’t want to pay more for it, we just don’t really care to use it. I prefer to open windows and breath in the fresh air. I usually get too cold in the event the A/C is on. My parent’s pet cat is spoiled though. He is commonly familiar with living in a big home together with the air conditioner always blasting. I will have to turn on the cooling system for him. Our kids won’t be happy about it. It’s only for a week though. I don’t want the cat to be mad if he is overly warm and as a result use his claws to ruin things. We just ought to suck it up and use a A/C for one week.

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Thermostat tips

Throughout my entire city, there is only one big apartment complex. It is styled after a coastal type building, with a yellow exterior and a row of balconies running up its sides in columns. As neat as this building looks on the outside, I’ve always resisted living in a huge housing setup like that one. I believe that with so many neighbors nearby, and the probability of cheap, thin walls, you are bound to have noise complaints and who knows what else. Just last year, however, the house I was living in was sold.  I had not choice but to move out and I had no notice whatsoever. The only place I could find that met my price-range was in the big apartment facility. As soon as I moved in, I realized that the HVAC system was my biggest problem. I was really unhappy to be having problems immediately, and especially with the heating and cooling equipment. I my area, we get pretty serious weather throughout the seasons, so climate control is a really big deal for us and must be efficient and dependable. It was winter at that time, and the furnace was clearly having difficulty meeting demands. It seemed like it was constantly cycling on and off, and not accomplishing much. The thermostat was set consistently in at seventy four degrees and it was definitely not that warm in the apartment. The HVAC technicians that arrived at my apartment after I complained, had no clue what was wrong with the system. The furnace seemed to be working properly as far as he could determine. But when I adjust my thermostat to seventy four degrees, I wanted the temperature in my apartment to at least be close to seventy four degrees, so I insisted something be done. Two months later, I am still waiting for my HVAC unit to be properly fixed.

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Some easy options for air conditioning

When I was told that I was allergic to electromagnetic waves, I knew I was in for a real challenge. For years I couldn’t figure out the reason why I was always feeling sick. I know now that the reason was because I used to spend a vast majority of my free time on my Iphone, on my computer, or playing games on my television. Of course there are usually lights on in every indoor environment as well.  Pretty much, I am exposed to electricity everywhere I go. But now, I have needed to strip my house of as many electrical appliances and components as is feasible.  It is the only way I will be able to get rid of my constant feeling of nausea and dizziness. Perhaps the most expensive and disruptive change has been the replacement of my entire HVAC system. It was actually one of my favorite appliances in my house. I had electric heating equipment, and it was extremely energy efficient. It operated just fine, but had to be torn out. I imagine that my summers will be hot and unbearable without an air conditioner running.  I probably won’t be able to keep my home sufficiently cool.  All I can do is open windows for figure out the best ways to run fans so the air temperature won’t be entirely awful. I was thinking of maybe harnessing wind power, but I realize that’s a stupid idea. Air conditioning is necessary where I live, and it’s used in every commercial space.  There’s no way to avoid it. Winter heating will be just as challenging. I can upgrade to a gas furnace, but these units also use electric. I could go the route that my parents did a few of years ago.  I could have a fireplace installed in my home. Maybe I’ll just pack everything up and move to a place that has really mild weather all year round.

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