HVAC tune-ups in the spring

I do believe that spring is finally right here. I am hoping that we’re done with the endless numbers of snow and subzero temperatures. I would like to put the snow shovel away and clean up the hats and gloves for the year. I would really love to shut down the furnace. My heating system has been chugging away since mid September. It’s now approaching the end of March, and I’ve been paying super high utility bills for long enough. My furnace is beginning to smell funny when it turns on, and it’s making several weird and loud sounds. I’m very worried it will eventually completely quit on me. I’d like to shut it off and just forget about it until the next time it is necessary in the fall. I know that’s probably a horrible idea, but I am ready to look forward to warmer weather. I have already scheduled annual maintenance for getting my air conditioner ready. Summer remains to be several months away. There’s still traces of snow from the shade near the house. But I am excited by the daffodils and tulips sprouting in the garden. Just yesterday I saw a lot of robins. I will definitely enjoy the mild weather of spring. Even though we get many rainy days where I live, there’s usually a short time of weather when we don’t need either the furnace on the air conditioner. For a little whilst, I don’t need to shell out extremely high gas or energy bills. I always wonder if there are places in the world that have perfect weather year round. It would be so great to just open a screen, instead of setting the thermostat.

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Tips for air circulation

When I retired some years ago, I thought I would now be traveling the world. As it turns out, traveling that much takes a great deal of energy and I simply don’t have what it takes anymore. Instead, I bought myself lakefront property with a cottage and everything. It is often a really relaxing place one can possibly be, especially in the summer. It’s even better when all the children and grandkids come out for the long weekend to spend time enjoying the lake as well. The beach is always sunny and the food is always scrumptious. What might be better? Well, this upcoming summer could actually be a bit better I suppose. You see, the lack of cooling equipment really stifled me at times in the lake house during my first summer owning the place. I had assumed that the breeze coming from the lake would be ample to keep us cool, but the truth is that the breeze is not always blowing. There are many calm days without the slightest breeze. Some sort of HVAC system is absolutely required. Because the place is smaller, the HVAC serviceman told me he plans on installing the most modest air conditioner they carry. To help maintain the temperature, I am going to put a ceiling fan in the main cabin of the property to circulate air and help keep the air fresh. I believe this is the best option ever. If it doesn’t change anything, then I may just sell the darn place and move to a different property. I doubt that will be the outcome.

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The best in air conditioning

When you grow up on the outskirts of town, you get used to a wide variety of things. We live in a modern age, so it’s not like I live a very different life than another person who lives in a more urban or suburban area. I have access to the identical social media sites and the same internet access. With that being said, my activities are obviously a lot more unique. How so? Well, a big difference is that I need to mow just about 4 acres of grass throughout each season. That takes a lot of effort and time. In the hot summers, it is very, very brutal. That is why I’m always prepared with having the best air conditioner possible to count on these hot days. Without this cooling equipment, I am not sure I would ever be capable of recovering from being outside and mowing the lawn for hours on end. There would be no other outlet to unwind and really cool off. Usually after I am finished with mowing, I park the tractor, head back inside and crack open a nice cold drink. That really can refresh me. A thirst-quenching drink only goes so far, though. That is why I lean on my HVAC system to help cool myself off instead. It finishes the job that a beverage cannot do alone. If my unit were to ever break down in the summer months, I would go into panic mode. I would have to call my HVAC provider ASAP and also have everything maintained and repaired. I’m really hoping that never occurs, though.

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Getting ready for my birthday

My 23rd birthday is tomorrow and I think it’s going to be an awful day. I know I am going to be on the run throughout the day. I am student teaching presently, so I will be teaching all day. On top of that, I get observed while teaching on my birthday likewise. I do not think I am going to do bad, but I am getting observed for my most severe class. Additionally after I work, I need to complete some work for my online job. I will have to hurry up and finish all of the work in a rapid sequence. Then I drive over for the college and sit in a class for 2.5 hours. It is a miserable existence and I hate the whole class. After that long day my body is usually so tired that I am unable to work out. I usually have some dinner and shower. Then I’m ready for bed. I decided I do not to want cake or gifts tomorrow. I honestly think I will just want to go to be able to go to bed. I want to snuggle up under my heated blankets in addition to my heated mattress pad. My parents use a boiler system and my bedroom is near the heating system. When I go to bed my room is always warm and so toasty. It will be nice to be a good temperature at night. All I want for my birthday is a superb night’s rest. I bet the boiler and my comfy bed can provide that for me. I could just call in sick and stay in my bed throughout the day and celebrate. Now that sounds far more fun.

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Climate control in my home office

To become certified as a teacher like I want to do; I need to do what is called an edTPA. This is basically a really long paper I need to write. I need to write lesson plans for English, assessments and analyze my teaching. I also have to do the same for algebra. I then collect data and write about how awesome I am at teaching. Additionally I will send a video of me awkwardly student teaching. While I am writing this and being filmed I am expected to do what is called student educating. Student teaching is basically slavery that a real teacher is paid for. I do the teacher’s tasks and she gets paid for my work. This has become a horrible existence for me. I also have to work part time because I am not getting paid. I am fortunate enough to find a part time job writing posts online. That means in between writing articles and lessons plans, I have to do the edTPA. I basically am with my laptop all day long. I even have a special work area set up by my ductless mini-split air conditioner. I definitely sweat and get nervous with all the writing. I am so thankful for my cooling system during my home. Without air conditioner, I would sweat through my shirt and become a mess. I need the AC and in order to keep my focus as well. Nice,cold air keeps me working efficiently and harder. I require it and I am so grateful to have it. I guess it is small things in life which render it alright. I am a bit miserable at the moment though honestly.

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A bad HVAC investment

Just a few months ago, I signed up for this really cool financial tracker on my mobile phone. It is pretty darn awesome and helps me out by organizing my bills. Basically, you enter your debit card information and it tells you where you have spent your cash each month. If you  use the card at a store, it groups that purchase along with other similar purchases. At the end of each month, I can then check the app and see how much  I spent on food at the grocery store or even utility bills. It is genuinely helpful. Well, this past month, I was really shocked to see how much cash I was spending on bills month after month. I take advantage of the direct debit feature on my account that automatically pays my bills. I rarely ever see the exact amount. Overall, I found out I was spending much more on my utility bills and the application tipped me off.  I never imagined that anything was wrong with my HVAC system. After I got an HVAC provider over to my house to look many things over, I quickly realized how poorly my equipment what operating. The technician worked on my units for an hour or two and also replaced the air filters within my system. By the time this work was finished, he told me that my bills really should be a little lower in the next few months, but if I was still experiencing inefficiencies, I should give him a call without delay. However, since he has been here, I have not had any high bills whatsoever. I do believe he did a pretty great job.heating unit

A/C service

With the cost of living it is definitely hard to save money today, especially in my family.  Everything is so expensive and while workers’ wages have risen, they have not been consistent enough to cover the rise in the expense of everything in our economy. I work 40 hours a week and so does my girlfriend. We are by no means living in poverty, but we usually have just enough to pay our bills and eat at the end of each month. We moved into a new house some time ago. It is pretty small. We were forced to relocate here because our last apartment burned down. It was dreadful. While this new house seemed like a good fit when we purchased it, we were told that the ductwork was completely useless shortly after we moved in. We were facing the reality of removing drywall  to remove the existing air ducts. I knew that was going to create a huge mess and in addition deplete any savings that we had in the bank. Luckily, it was not as horrific of a situation because an HVAC technician that suggested we consider installing a ductless HVAC system. The work was completed a few short months ago, I could not be happier with the performance of our HVAC equipment. It was certainly an added expense, but I still avoided a massive renovation project.  We were also able to avoid the costly expense of new fresh air ducts. I think we will contact this technician again in the future.  I need to keep his phone number handy. He was a very professional and I would trust him again to service my heater or air conditioner.

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An old HVAC unit

My husband and I recently moved into a new house. While the house is new to us, it is actually very old. We were able to purchase it for almost no money, because there is so much work to be done. This structure is secure, but nothing has been updated in the house for some time. We need to replace the wiring, plumbing, and all of the windows and doors. We will need to rip down the walls and put in insulation, before putting up brand new drywall. Eventually, we will buy all new appliances. While the appliances that came with the house seem to function, they are positively ancient. One of our first priorities is the HVAC system. I want to ensure that it is operating safely and as efficiently as possible. I would like to avoid paying needlessly high utility bills every month. In the past couple of days, I have spoken with an electrician, a plumber, and a good HVAC technician. It has been time well spent given that they all work on the same company. I was able to set up appointments for all three services a single phone call. I have all three technicians meeting at the house this Saturday morning. I am a little nervous. I am hoping for good news. I am fairly certain by now that the plumbing and electrical lines will need to be completely replaced. I am relying on the HVAC system to afford us some savings. Although the heating and cooling equipment is pretty old, it looks clean and like it has been serviced regularly by experts  If we are very lucky, We are able to get another couple of years out of it, that would be great.central cooling system

I love my heated floors

Through the winter, my house is super cold. It doesn’t make any difference how high we set the actual thermostat, we walk around shivering. We still pay huge utility bills, but we aren’t comfortable. My hubby and kids and I all bundle up in multiple layers of clothing, thick socks, in addition to slippers. We each have our own blankets that we wrap in to watch television. When the external temperature drops, it is truly miserable inside the house. I have done everything I can think of to improve the overall feeling inside the house. I have replaced every single window in your house, and caulked and weatherstripped around them. I have added insulation to walls, ceilings, and the attic. I contacted my HVAC specialist and had the furnace cleaned out and serviced. I am diligent about changing air filter. The problem is that the floors in the house feel like ice all winter long. I have ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, and hardwood flooring throughout remainder of the house. I have put down area rugs to warm things up a little bit. It doesn’t make much of an improvement. Our feet are always chilly. When our feet are not warm, the rest of your body is cold. I believe the answer is to install radiant flooring. We would have to purchase a boiler system that could fuel the radiant flooring. Warm flooring is wonderfully clean in addition to efficient. It would drastically reduce the monthly heating bill and quickly recover the original investment. Plus, there would be no more ugly vents or uncomfortable swings from the forced air system. The radiant system would be installed and hidden under the flooring, and keep a more even temperature from floor to ceiling.

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Electric space heater

My wife and I are so happy with the little beach cottage we purchased. When I retired last season, I surprised my wife by buying the home for our vacations. The cottage is just a step away from the open public beach, so most mornings my wife and I walk to the beach and relax with our coffee with the calming view of the ocean waves. However, not everything have been easy with my vacation home. Most of the appliances are dated and also have been replaced, including the electric heater that originally included the house. Before buying this specific place, I had no experience with this type of heater and didn’t know if I should replace the old system using a new one that was identical type. So I started doing some research online to acquire an idea of what will be best for us. In the home up north, we include always had a gas HVAC system, which works very well and costs us little in monthly bills. But in this area, I didn’t think I would be needing a high quality system, since it only gets cold just a few months of the year. The winters down here are nothing like the cold winters in our hometown. I ended up replacing this electric heater with another one of the same kind, as per a recommendation from the local HVAC technician. There are lower maintenance issues with electric heaters and don’t cost as much to buy, which is perfect for the vacation cottage which I purchased.

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