A bad heater

Sometimes, I love the winter, and other times I don’t like it. One reason I hate it is because of just how my apartment feels. The HVAC system runs well. It does not heat the apartment evenly though. I often find that I need to leave my door open for the heat to come into my bedroom. I do have a vent around my room that puts heat into my room. When my front door is closed though, I feel as if it just does not offer any heat at all. I do not love to keep my door open, but I have no other choice if I want my room to be a reasonable temperature. I also notice that the upstairs is much warmer than it is downstairs. I tend to spend a lot of time downstairs to be warmer. I feel as if the HVAC system kind of runs my life. I noticed just the some other day too that my home windows are drafty. They close well around the bottom. I felt the top and noticed I could actually feel the cold air coming inside. I checked for the same thing in my room, and it actually is the same problem. I don’t know what to do about this dilemma. I just leave my window blinds closed hoping that will contain a certain amount of the cold air trying to come in. Now that I think about this, my apartment and the heating system is definitely a mess. I could be saving big money by fixing these small troubles. I think I will call an HVAC business and see what I can do about it.

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How to cook without A/C

I cannot even imagine working in a kitchen all day. Seeing the cooking shows on TV have made me biased. Is that even an actual representation? I am not really sure. They look like they are super busy constantly though. The whole kitchen looks really warm. I can imagine it is actually very hot. They are regularly running ovens, grills, and fryers. With all that heat running on a regular basis it probably heats the kitchen enough that they cannot need a heater. I wonder whenever they run the air conditioning though. I am not sure how much the AC could do for the extreme heat. Even if it did do anything for the chefs, the HVAC system is working regardless. The heat just keeps going that most likely the HVAC system cannot match the amount of heat within the kitchen. It almost seems pointless to me in order for it to run it in there. If it gets so hot in that room, do they ever feel like they are going to pass out? I am sure they may be always sweating. They are producing a whole lot heat from being so occupied. Then, they are in the warmth for their entire shift. In my own kitchen the temperature is fine. There is not a heap of heat on and I’m only cooking for myself. Maybe they use fans to try and keep cool. I hope that does not blow dust around the cooking area though. That would mean my food would’ve dust in it. I guess I do not even really want to think about it.air conditioner

Reasons you install radiant floors

You will discover sometimes I simply do not like leaving my home. I really understand that I should go out and make a move. I just really do not have the motivation inside of me to travel. it does not help that the house is so comfy. I possess the comfiest couch I have ever had the pleasure of sitting on. You just kind of sink in it. It is also very tender. I have several pillows as well as a nice warm blanket on the couch also. It is almost as if when you are on it, you will never stand up. That is how I think. My house is so hard to leave too because it is so warm. I recently had radiant flooring installed. It is unbelievable. I would be happy basically if I never had to leave my house ever again in fact. If by chances I do get up away from the couch, the floor keeps us warm. My feet always get toasty warm. The radiant flooring keeps them like that. I never feel cold inside my house. The heat from the floor rises into the air flow. It helps keep the air in my home extra warm as well. It really changed my life for the better. If there was the best home, I would describe my home. I know I sound style of cocky but it is accurate. You just need to be in there yourself. If you want your own home to feel like this contact an area HVAC business today. They will set up an appointment for you. They’re more than happy to install radiant flooring into your home. I promise you will certainly not regret it.

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Controlling my A/C with a remote

If I was stranded on a remote island I’d demand a few things. I could not go without my ipod. I need to have new music constantly. I could walk throughout the island for hours and possibly be entertained with my music. Obviously I would have nowhere to charge the ipod once it died. I also love movies so very much. I could pick some select titles to watch for the rest of my life. I really could never give up watching shows though. I also have terrible skin and would need protection. Is this remote set up really hot? I would need intense sunblock. Even after years of being stranded on the island I know I would be burned to a crisp. I also would need some kind of cooling system. I could not go long from the heat. Shelter from the sun only does a great deal. A good and solid cooling system is what I need. The air conditioner could give me relief from the heat. I can take only so much abuse. I could walk without shoes, no water along with food for awhile. Without an air conditioning system I would just give up. I want to relax inside with a glass of lemonade and be near my cooling system. On my island I could set up a little hut. The hut could have my skin care products, my ipod and and also a small TV for my shows. Then my hut would have a amazing cooling system to regulate the heat range. I could live alone around the island for the rest of eternity then. cooling system

I hate a hot summer

My parents have always been really old school. By old school, I mean that they don’t like to change things. They’ve already used the same brand of toothpaste. They will probably use the brand until they die. They do stuff the way they’ve always done it, even though now society has changed lots. They don’t accept that a lot of things have changed since their childhood, and despite that my sibling and I fight for them to accept changes in the planet, including using a new style of toothpaste it just doesn’t happen. They fight us. They don’t shop online, and they won’t buy music off of downloading sites, only use CD albums, and refuse to use on the net banking. Along with all these refusals to change, includes refusing to place air conditioning into our house. We don’t live in a hot country so most of the time it’s mild weather, except inside summers. The past few summers are actually brutally hot, and now a number of times my brother and I work to convince my parents, they still say no about using AC. Due to refusing AC, this means that our property is cluttered with fans. That it is really annoying. Just a few days ago my pal and I tried to convince my parents once again that we should get air conditioning installed in the home. Once again they refused. I guess my brother and I will have to get used to hot summers, because that’s how it’s going to stay.

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A/C in my hotel

Just last month, my friends and I decided on a trip to down south for a girl’s weekend. We all have truly stressful, demanding jobs in the corporate sector. We never get downtime, or vacation time, or even an opportunity to just unwind, let loose, and have fun. So we decided that we all needed to take a trip. We have been planning this trip for over a year. We mapped out every single last detail, from the airline to the hotel. We booked our rental car, and got tickets to a show. We have anticipating all the fun for awhile. We were all super excited.  We had made a reservation for a luxury hotel not far from the action at the bars and casinos. We got off the plane only to be hit by the blazing hot sun and sweltering temperature. We could literally see the heat radiating from the ground in waves. It was quite a surprise. We quickly ducked into the airport bar for some refreshments, and then picked up our car and headed to the hotel. We were sweaty and sticky from our travels, and we were so anxious to enjoy some refreshing air conditioning. We walked into the hotel with high hopes, and we weren’t disappointed. The cold air washed over us right inside the door, and it felt heavenly. The cold air was the best part of the trip so far, and we stood in the doorway for a minute to really soak it up. We made our way to our rooms and were relieved that the air conditioning systems in our rooms were just as powerful. Despite the heat outside, we were perfectly comfortable in our hotel.

A/C system

Heater service during the fall

Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year. The leaves change color and the weather gradually starts to loose that brutal summer heat and humidity. Growing up in a very warm climate, these short couple of months of cooler weather are welcomed with anticipation. I love the opportunity to bundle up in warm sweaters as the winter weather sets in. Combined with the cold, winter brings many challenges. Last winter, I was hosting a Christmas party at my house. During the party, my furnace quit operating. It was the most inconvenient timing because my house was filled with guests and it was cold and snowing outside. I tried to reach an HVAC technician on the phone. Because it was the holidays, none of the local businesses would answer the telephone. I ended up having to move the party to a nearby restaurant because the house was so cold. It is crucial to remember annual maintenance to be certain your HVAC unit is in perfect working order. There are few things worse than trying to get relief from the cold and not having heat in your house because the furnace isn’t working at all. There are several tasks you can perform to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Change your furnace filter each month, and be sure to have several on hand in preparation of the cold months. Your heating registers must never be blocked by furniture, carpet, or curtains.  I realize now that I must take better care of my HVAC unit and prepare for the changing seasons.

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Temperatures at both my jobs

I work two jobs. Because of this, I am always tired, and I am always in a rush to get from place to place. I start very early the next day. My first job of the morning is at an elementary school. The school is approximately a half hour drive from where I live. In order to get there on time, I  have to get up way before the sun rises. I need to take time to warm up my car, clear off of the snow, and scrape off all of the ice. The heater in the car is unpredictable. I keep it set on high, and sometimes I will be blessed with warm air blowing out on me. Sometimes, I will have to shiver all the way way to work. I work in the front office, and it is normally about a thousand degrees. The heat blows right above my desk, and I’m always tired and dehydrated. At the end in the day, I rush to my car and hope the heating unit will cooperate. I have about a 45 minute drive to my next job for which is at the  mall and no time to spare. If I get stuck behind a school bus, I’ll be late to work. My second job is at retail, in a department store. The store is trying to reduce expenses, and they have been cutting some of the staff. They have also lowered the thermostat. The store is freezing cold. The only way that I can keep warm is by working hard. The customers all complain and yell at me about the temperature being so cold. I can’t imagine why they will think it’s my choice to spend my evening shivering. When I finally make it home, I am very eager to enjoy my temperature-controlled apartment.

temperature control