HVAC disasters on vacation

Last month we went on vacation across the country for a full 30 days. My family and i work very hard, so we were extremely excited to finally have a chance to unwind. We’re also very informed about our spending, so it was hard for us to let go and spend some of our hard earned cash. We had a great time, and neither one of us wanted it to end. Unfortunately, we knew we had to go back to work, so we packed up our bags and went home. When we got in the door, we were shocked to be greeted by a blast of hot air. I ran to check the thermostat, and it had been set on high the whole month that we were gone! The thought in both of our heads were about our next energy bill. We started trying to throw blame around, but honestly neither one of us could remember who was the last person to have changed the thermostat setting. We hate spending money, so we had our home’s old and outdated HVAC system, and we were going to wait until its dying breath to purchase a new one. After this specific little disaster however, we decided to update our HVAC system which has a new energy-efficient model. The best part to us was the smart thermostat that had it. Because it can control the air conditioning through Wi-Fi from anywhere we go, we would never had to worry about something like this happening again.

What you should know about air filters

Do you wonder how much time we waste as a society each day? Imagine all the stuff that we deem important within this country. We think it’s crucial to be in line for hours on end to buy an overpriced product that just make the rich all the more wealthy. Doesn’t that seem a little counterproductive to you? What if we spent time and money on things that would actually make our lives better rather than an even bigger television or the latest video game. I have a notion. I think everyone who owns a dream house should start spending money and time every month to replace the air filters of their HVAC equipment. The reality is that were becoming a society that spends time and effort indoors. This means we rely on air conditioning equipment to keep us cozy. Well, there is more to those systems than simply temperature control. They manage your indoor air quality as well. In fact, the air gets so darn dirty as well as your systems get even filthier should you refuse to replace your air ducts regularly. I am pleading with you to make this change for your family. You will feel better about everything, plus your heater or air conditioner will also thank you. Trust me, you need to start making time for these sorts of things. In case you continue to neglect your HVAC models, bad things are in store for your family down the line. You don’t wish that, do you?

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Putting a new home for sale

My parents are both working in sales. They definitely have the correct attitudes to stay in this profession. Both my parents are loud and outgoing. My mom sells homes and dad sells cars. They are the people in town that everybody knows and likes. They have so many friends and are really just the people that everyone wants to be around. I am an only child, so more often than not, people expect me to be just like my parents are. I am not like them at all though. I am very quiet and introverted. My dream profession is something where I can keep to myself in a quiet, little cubicle somewhere. I do admire my parents for the jobs that they do. My dad markets expensive vehicles to people. My mom is an excellent real estate agent who finds the best homes and sells them to local clients. When she is not closing on a home with a family, she is shopping around the area for new homes that have just gone on the market. I always laugh when she says that she will be going shopping that particular day. She really means she is simply going to spend that day driving around, searching for people wanting to sell their house. She will also be doing a bunch of online research to see what homes typically sell for at the specific period. It is not a quiet job since everyone is always calling her all day to see what new homes are for sale or available to view. It appears as if every day she gets home from work, her brain is actually spinning. It is a fast paced job but she loves it.


Moving a property

I am a realtor. I often get asked what I actually do everyday. It is sort of hard to spell out what I do because everyday is totally different. A day in the life of a realtor is never boring, that’s for sure. Yesterday, I was showing a mansion to this couple who just won the lottery. They won a ton of money on a simple lottery ticket and now they are looking to sell their current home. With their new fortune, they desire to purchase a new home, and apparently they want to go all out by buying a mansion. As a real estate agent, I am responsible for doing lots of research. I am always driving around different neighborhoods looking for homes that are going up for sale. Somehow, I found this perfect mansion for the couple and we closed the deal on the huge property. I made that couple happy yesterday. Next week, I am going to a man’s single family property. He is trying to sell the home. It has been on this market now for a year but he just can’t seem to sell the property. He needs some tips and advice on making his home more inviting. As a real real estate agent, I am responsible for following trends and knowing what folks want in a property. I need to know what people dislike too so I can steer clear from that. As an agent, I really enjoy my job.

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Sealing a home

When we bought our new house, we took over a very large project. The house is over one hundred years old. The past fifty years, it was used as a rental property. The renters did not take good care of the home, unfortunately. Any updates that were made by the landlord were done as inexpensively as you possibly can. While all of the windows have been replaced, every single one lost air. They had not been installed properly, and were of poor quality. There was no insulation in any of the walls or attic. None of the doors shut tightly. The HVAC system had been outdated, it was inefficient, and unable to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. We needed to completely change the home. Over the years, we’ve been going through the house room by room. When we tackle a place, we totally tear it apart and fix all the problems. We tear down the walls and ceiling right down to the bare studs. We use an electrician to update this wiring, and everything else, but of it we are going to handle ourselves. We install ENERGY STAR rated windows which are not only airtight, but provide greater security. These windows are easy to clean and easy to open and close. We install insulation in the walls and the ceiling and hang drywall. Every step we take is not just to beautify the house, but to stop energy losses. The house has extremely high ceilings and big rooms. Trying to heat and cool the house is really a difficult and expensive challenge. Our goal is usually to improve comfort and cut prices. It has taken us nearly twenty years to update every room.

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What you should know about your heating provider

A while ago, my cooling system was not working properly for me. It was blowing out warmer air than the cool setting I was utilized to feeling. I kept looking at the system but last but not least, I figured it was far better to call the HVAC technician to look into the system themselves. Typically, the HVAC provider I personally use is extremely helpful and fixes any problem that is presented by the system. I was expecting the technician early one morning so i did not have to take off of work that day. There was no sign of him until I needed to leave for work. He was unable to make it that day and asked to reschedule. That was fine, we rescheduled and found it had been easier for him to assist the HVAC equipment in the afternoons. A few days later, I took my lunch break early to meet the technician at my house. After waiting around over 45 minutes, I threw in the towel and went back to work. My home had been without air conditioning spanning for almost a week then and I was starting to get very frustrated. After having central air on every day, I couldn’t take the warm for myself anymore. I got a hold of my HVAC provider immediately and defined how unhappy I was around the situation. They were not sympathetic regarding the situation because apparently this time is a stressful time of year. After becoming too frustrated to even speak about the phone, I got in my car, went to the house store and bought a window air conditioner for my main located area. Needless to say, I am switching HVAC providers to one that cares about paying customers.

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Energy and a heater

I’ve decided that I’m sick of this cold winter. I am fed up with setting the thermostat just high enough where I can tolerate it. I walk around my house, shivering and sneezing, because I’m seeking to conserve power. I’m hoping to save a few dollars on my monthly bills this time around. My utility bills are way too high and I must work a lot just to cover them. I hate going to work in this freezing cold climate. I have to start our automobile about twenty minutes before I need to take off, just to let the heater warm things up. I’m trying to melt the ice from my rear window. While the car warms up, I shovel the snow from the sidewalk. Then I drive on hazardous, snowy roads, and need to drive extremely slow. It takes too long. On the weekends, I just stay bundled in the home, trying to stay warm. I’ve decided this weekend I will crank up my furnace, and heat my house up. I’m going to establish my thermostat at eighty degrees. I’ll get out a beach towel and place it on my floor and play beach music above from the speakers. I’ll wear my bikini and produce a pitcher of strawberry mojitos. I am about to pretend that I am lying a tropical beach with toasty sunshine rather than gray clouds, palm trees instead of pine needles, and sand instead of hardwood floor. I won’t think in regards to my outrageous energy bills or even salting the pavement. I’ll forget all about shoveling snow and changing my air filters on the HVAC equipment. Let me close my eyes and just enjoy this time alone.ductwork

Clearing out my air vents

I am going to always fondly remember the feeling in highschool of finding my way back home after a long afternoon at school. I would drive home and feel that I was the most awesome dude alive inside my parent’s car. I felt so old and I might sometimes give my friends a ride home too. I would walk inside the household and immediately walk over to the particular snack cabinet. I was always starving and I thought I was the bee’s knees and too cool for the school lunches. Considering the fact that all the cool guys would complain about how terrible the school lunch seemed to be, that was me as well. I would complete my homework immediately, then I would allow my pup to go outside. I allowed my dog to run out there for almost 15 minutes since she was cooped up inside the house all day while I had been at class and my parents were at the office. While doing my assignments I heard an audio that sounded like my dog was gnawing at something. I looked over and saw that my dog was licking at the air register. It seemed like she was looking to grab something out of it. I took a flashlight and didn’t see anything, yet I immediately heard a noise. It sounded like something was stuck in our ductwork system. I was afraid of some kind of animal or rodent potentially living in here. I called my folks and so they said that they I should call our local HVAC service provider. I called our local HVAC provider and he arrived within an hour or two. He inspected the old ductwork system and couldn’t find anything making noise.

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Ways to make your heater better

Just what I thought and hoped wouldn’t happen is now coming around the corner. I looked at the weather forecast for the upcoming week and it doesn’t look good. In fact, what we are seeing looks completely dreadful. It had been so warm for the past month. I never was required to be brushing off my car. I never had to be anxious about getting to my job in the morning. The only thing that can make driving horrible will be a lot of snow. We are expected to receive a lot of snow. It will also get very cold too. I am not happy about this at all. This means I have to turn my heat back on ASAP. I was saving a small fortune this past month. I had not had the heat turned up all that high. Now I ‘m going to have to turn the heater back on very warm. By using my HVAC system more than I’d really wish, it takes away many years of life from my HVAC units. I hope it doesn’t have to work too hard to battle the cold that is coming our direction. By using my HVAC system much more I will be spending more cash. It is going to have to work harder to be able to heat my home as well. I can only hope that it doesn’t break down after awhile. I did not get a tune up in autumn because I thought the winter would be warmer. I actually thought I would be able to make it by winter without doing it.


Make sure your heater works right

I’m always researching ways to maximize the efficiency of my home. I try to make sure that I shut off lights within my rooms when I’m not inside them. I always change my HVAC oxygen filters so my HVAC system isn’t running as hard. If you can not change your HVAC air filters, then your system could possibly be running more than it needs to. A few tips that I was given from my HVAC technician is to have my furnace tuned up and inspected by an HVAC specialist. This is to ensure it’s safe and ready to use prior to the cold weather approaching. He has also told me that I must keep the area around this furnace clear. I should also keep checking my air filter, so there’s no buildup of dirt. This is to allow maximum air-flow through the filter. It’s important to check the air filter consistently so that your furnace doesn’t run harder and consistently breakdown. Dirt and other particles makes it hard for your HVAC system to function. Always listen to your HVAC technician. I remember my neighbor didn’t focus on his HVAC technician’s advice and was forced to do repairs on his HVAC system by himself. It turned out that next morning he woke to a fire inside the basement. Therefore, leave the intricate HVAC system to a highly qualified and licensed HVAC technician. I never touch my HVAC system unless it’s to confirm and clean the air filter out.air filter