Ductwork service

Not many people stop to think about their current ductwork. Those pipes that are situated in ceilings, walls, and basements are tucked beyond sight but shouldn’t be totally neglected. When your HVAC system pulls stagnant air outside the rooms of your house, that air travels throughout these ducts that you are probably forgetting about. When your HVAC system presents to you the heated or cooled air to the rooms of your abode, that air comes from the ductwork. If there’s dead rodents, bugs, webs, and detritus in the ductwork, it is contaminating the air you breathe. When mold, form, and bacteria is allowed to achieve growth in the duct system, spores will become airborne in the house. They are introduced for the airstream and breathed by family. Allergies, asthma, and respiratory illness could be the direct result of dirty ductwork. A buildup of debris inside the duct system also is a problem for airflow. This causes your furnace and air conditioner to be struggle longer and harder to achieve set temperatures in your own home. You may notice that your property isn’t as comfortable as it should be. You might find that there is a gradually rising in your utility bills. This could be the failing of clogged ductwork. When your HVAC system struggles to operate, more wear and tear is defined on the important components. This may lead to shortened service life and needing to get repairs more often. It is a good idea to contact your local HVAC specialists and schedule a scheduled visit for them to observe your ductwork. At minimum, have the system inspected pertaining to leaks. If they do a good job cleaning it might cut your monthly energy bill by approximately forty percent. This would buy the service and still keep saving you money.


Small electric heater

During my time in higher education when I was paying the ridiculous college rent, I knew that I wanted to own some houses to rent out to other innocent kids like I formerly was. When I was ingrained inside my career, I purchased my first property to turn into a apartments. It was a massive home big enough to create three apartments out of. They weren’t major apartments, but most of what kids find are not anyway. I didn’t make tremendous repairs or renovations, due to the truth that college kids don’t mind about such things as that. If they have anywhere to party, they’re don’t care about the rest. I did take out the particular old gas furnaces as it were. I wanted all utilities to be contained in the price of rent. What I wanted was to install electric heaters. The installation process was simple as could be. Every home is equipped with electric, so it wasn’t something I had to pay a bunch of money for. Electric furnaces give warmth more unhurriedly and efficiently. My spouse and I knew by choosing it, the dumb kids couldn’t just crank the temperature up and raise my bills. The electric furnaces don’t operate like gas furnaces that way. Gas furnaces are more powerful, but they waste more vitality. Electric heaters are one hundred percent efficient and so they utilize absolutely all electric so no energy is trifled with. Even if the new installation of the electric heaters was easy, it still cost cash to set up. SoI have the heaters tuned-up at the end of every summer before the college kids move in. Getting the furnaces tuned-up and ready to go will increase the efficiency and I will be able to save even more money.

portable heating unit

Trying to fix my furnace

I love watching TV but whenever the news comes on the only thing they seem to talk about it the worst parts of human nature. Perhaps the thing is that someone’s house is cracked into. Sometimes there is an abduction of some sort. Someone at the store was strangled over a knife being pulled. These are not good things. Not that I will say my children were kidnapped, or something as bad as that had happened, but we did suffer an incident the other day that felt just as if it was comparable to something as horrific as being a news story. It was time to put my little ones to bed. I had read them both their favorite book and they were just falling asleep as I was leaving their room. I was about to ready myself for my own bed when out of nowhere, I could smell something odd in the air. I had no clue where it was seeping out from. I ran toward the smell. It directed me to the gas furnace! There was propane entering into our air. I was horrified, I could not just lay down and allow myself or my children to let  in this gas into our lungs. I decided to call the fire department, as well as my HVAC business. I chose to call both because they would both be of help. I got my children away from home and asked the generous neighbor lady if they could sleep on her chair. Finally the fire department as well as the HVAC technicians showed up they entered my home. They let me know that the senses I had were correct. They dismantled the gas. I hoped it might be over. I thought my darlings and I would be back in our home that night. It turned out so that it was so full of gas, any kind of flame of even the stove would put the place up in smoke. We ended up having to  stay in a hotel for the week. This was the time for  a new energy to get my furnace replaced. This time I decided to go with an electric water heater. I couldn’t bare to see my children in danger any more.

HVAC installation

Problems with my HVAC equipment

Back to school time isn’t always a teacher’s favorite thing. It can be an extremely stressful time of the year for not only the parents and students, but the teachers the most – there is so much to prepare for. Students need to learn new routines and rules inside classroom and the teachers must deal with conduct issues, and worst of all, they may even repeat themselves one hundred times. It does not stop after they get home either because they have work to do on papers, tests, and prepping materials for the next day. It is no fun accomplishing this work in the work place after hours, so most teachers go home to work where they are comfortable and they can control the temperature of their home.  My sister is a teacher and told me of a time when she came home after work to do a little prepping and her HVAC system had broken down.  It was one of the hottest days of the year and her house was the same temperature that it was outside.  She went to the thermostat to try and see if the air conditioning would turn on, but no avail.  She then called her local HVAC company to set up an emergency appointment.  It was after hours for them, so she had to pay higher fees, but it was worth it to her if she could have her house cooled off.  The technician got there in no time and checked the whole unit.  Nothing was wrong with the surrounding area – it was clear of dirt and debris, and the compressor and air filter looked like they were in top working order.  He then noticed that some of the wires were chewed on and then saw that the main wire that connects the thermostat to the HVAC unit was completely chewed through.  He then fixed it very quickly and the air conditioning clicked on within seconds.  He then gave her his exterminator’s phone number since she obviously had an animal infestation issue. cooling

Reasons why you need to tune-up your HVAC equipment

When I live at school, I don’t get to see my friends from your home very often. I get to see them on occasion when the visit or when I am home.  This is because I have limited vacation time and need to spend the majority of my time studying and preparing for school and my future career.  However, last weekend I had a friend visit and we decided to make dinner together.  We went to the store for a short while just to grab a few things.  But when we came back to the house, we both noticed that it was very cold in there – a lot colder than when we had left. I checked the thermostat and the temperature read very low but when I tried to raise it, there was no response from the thermostat or the furnace.  Since I did not hear that familiar click of the heater turning on, I called an HVAC company to see if they could send someone out.  The technician arrived shortly after and serviced my furnace very quickly.  He then asked me if I got annual checkups on this and it prompted me to remember that I never set up that appointment this year – I normally do it annually before I really need the furnace to work, just in case there are any problems that would deter my HVAC unit from working properly.  I then signed up for their maintenance program so that I don’t need to remember this step.

furnace tune-up

Air ducts and cleaning services

If you’re like most American homeowners, you want what is best for all of your family members. Often times, we go out of our way to ensure that our spouse and children are taken care of properly. A large part of that goes along with the house that you all are now living in. When you are dealing with a problem in your house and you have the financial means to solve that problem, you most certainly will do that. However, what about the times you can’t see the problem? It becomes a lot tougher to keep your household safe if you can’t actually see something bad happening. This could actually happen to anyone. There are many things on the inside of your home’s walls. Your HVAC system has a couple of components running through there therefore you have some plumbing and electrical mechanisms in there as well. If one of the things stops working properly, you will possibly not experience a problem for a time because it is not visible. So what exactly happens if your air ducts hiding in your walls get dirty and start accumulating a great deal of dust and other build-up? Your indoor quality of air could be affected and your current heater and air conditioner will most definitely be affected. The dirt clogging your fresh air ducts and air filters could actually be slowly creating a huge problem for your family members. Call an HVAC provider and have them look it over if they specialize in the cleaning of air ducts. If they don’t, keep calling other businesses in your town and someone must be able to help you.

air duct sealing 

Do you feel like your HVAC unit is getting older

When you upgrade something in your life, you are doing it to make your life more desirable. As an example, if you drive an old car with lots of miles on it, you eventually want to upgrade to a whole new car. Not only will your new vehicle have more modern technology on board that will make your life easier, but it’s also advisable to pay for less servicing and repairing. Old cars are more likely to break down than new cars. This is just a simple reality. So what other things can you upgrade in your life to make things better? Appliances throughout your home should definitely be listed. One way to improve the products in your life at home is to get some new HVAC appliances. When you think about it, the temperature of your house is very important. It affects your quality of life, comfort level and ultimately sets the mood for your day. Upgrading to newer equipment can change the way you go about your everyday activity. If your heater and air conditioner are more than 15 years old, you will most certainly benefit from a newer system. If you’re unsure about the whole process, don’t panic. Chances are you have a reliable HVAC provider right in your area that is experienced with helping people find methods to their problems. Remember, heating and cooling equipment is expensive so never depend on anybody other than an HVAC professional to assist you. Once they are at your residence, take their advice seriously since they want to assist you the best way possible. Don’t hesitate to ask these individuals questions before making major decisions.cooling unit

Easy ways to heat your home

The summertime is such fun time of year. As summer ends I get excited for fall. I change out our flags and decorations and get mums and corn stalks. I quite like the weather in the fall. The temperatures can dip down low though so we were thinking we needed another solution to heating our house in addition to the gas stove. We have your basic gas furnace in the basement but we try really not to turn that on until December 1st. It is sort of a tradition in our home at this point. If we get cold I usually bake something to have the oven running. We decided it was time to research portable heating units. We have a small electric heater for our backroom. It doesn’t have a fan and it really is more like the baseboard heat used in some homes. It doesn’t really heat up fast or heat a large area. We just want a heater that would be good for evenings when we are watching TV or for in the bathroom whenever we shower. Obviously we are looking for a portable heater. We did some online research and then headed to the store. We were lucky to find a knowledgeable employee that went over with us what all of our options were. There are many different heaters on the market right now so it is imperative that you do some research for what would be best to suit your needs. We chose a portable energy efficient heater. It also came with a remote. We have a little cove under our stairway which would work well to house the heater when it is not in use.

heater repair 

I can’t imagine being without HVAC

Last week, my husband and I took a motorcycle ride around the Amish country. Not only were we amazed by the landscape, it was also interesting to see how these people live. It turned out to be a really spectacular day, and there were many Amish buggies sharing the road with us. Some of them were driven by young children. Their houses are recognizable since the buggies are parked in the front lawn. They have large gardens full of vegetables, and lines hung outside with laundry that’s only black, blue, or dark green. There is no electrical wires connected to the house. The Amish do without most of the conveniences we assume as our everyday lives. They do not have phones or laptops. They have no access to the internet, no washing machines, dishwashers, or dryers for their clothes. They aren’t able to jump in a hot bath after a long day or blow-dry their hair. The haven’t got any type of HVAC equipment in their homes. I cannot imagine trying to survive the horrendously cold winter months without having a working furnace. It’s a comfort that I don’t really think about, nevertheless, it’s one of the biggest machines in my house. The Amish must heat their houses by utilizing a wood stove. This uses a large stockpile of wood that is cut and piled prior to winter starting. Running out would end up being disastrous for them. It also means a great deal of smoke, ash, and fumes gets dispersed throughout their home. The wood-burning stove is messy and also dangerous. There’s no ability to set the thermostat to a certain temperature. It would be impossible to maintain every room in your house at the ideal temperature. I know that a wood-burning system requires a lot more maintenance than a gas furnace.

space heater

Heating an office building

I never saw myself working a new 9 to 5 job. I pictured myself living on the edge. I wanted a modern job. I wanted to journey everywhere for work. I wanted to be single and meet many ladies at the bar for a drink immediately after work. All those plans were crushed the day my college girlfriend me she was most certainly pregnant. I don’t bum out over anything though. I married her, and we’ve got two awesome children now. This is not how I pictured my life would end up. I now work in a very large office. My wife and I both are still capable to graduate college, and provide a great life for our family very soon. The one problem is that I hate my job. I hate every single thing about it. I hate how it’s cold whatever the temperature is outside. It feels like the air conditioning is always on. My sister asks me why I wear long thick sweaters to work every day. I tell her it’s that the office managers are cheap and refuse to fund a heating bill. In summer months, it’s understandable. The air conditioner can be on, and it is almost nice being at work. I just can’t wrap my head around why in the winter, they can’t turn the heater on. Perhaps the heater is broken. Maybe the company is just too cheap to get it fixed. But why keep the air conditioner operating? Why pay money to cool the building, if they don’t actually heat the building when it is necessary? It’s probably someone from the finance department’s idea. They always try to cut ridiculous things from the budgets no matter who it affects. They probably assumed that we could all just bundle for work rather than turning on the heater. I can provide for my family very well. I assume I will just deal with this for now and the uncertainty of the temperature.