The HVAC industry

My grandmother is my favorite person. She came to this country after an extended  journey on a boat from Italy. She knows nothing beyond cooking a great pasta dish, sipping wine, and her customs.  In comparison my life is very different from hers. I am glad that I still have my grandmother around.  My grandfather passed away a few years ago. She’s still in great shape, although she is well into her 90’s. She’s far too active to ever live in a nursing home. Very often, I spend time over at her house.  She likes to talk about her old days.  I like to explain my life now. She informs me about her childhood and how she needed to do daily chores on their dairy family farm. She never had the luxury of  running water. To take a bath, she had to boil water fto heat it up. She didn’t even have a bathroom inside her house. I try to explain modern technology, computers, and touchscreens, but it is so foreign to her. I tell her about how the HVAC system in our home handles the year around temperature controlled.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside. When it gets really warm, the air conditioner takes over and handles the humidity. When it is snowing, the furnace takes over for us. Our working HVAC system in our home is like magic to my grandmother. She doesn’t understand how the air conditioner works, because it’s something entirely new to her. She always had a wood stove in her house. She isn’t aware of concerns over air quality. Her family stepped outside to breathe fresh air, and let the wood stove fill the inside with smoke. We now enjoy filters that work within our HVAC system to trap contaminants such as dust and bacteria. Life for my grandmother and I is very different. While I enjoy her stories, I would not want to go back in time.

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Rentals and HVAC

About a year ago, I became a landlord. Throughout my college years, I was  completely overcharged for rent.  I figured I  could make good deal of money by investing in property. I made a decision to purchase a few rental properties of my own. I fixed them up with new windows, drywall, and appliances. I handled the work myself and saved a fortune that way. I have also made a great deal of my investment back over the last twelve months. College kids are prepared to pay anything to live off campus. This spring, I did a remodel of many of the rental units. I’ve decided to only rent to female students because I’ve had better luck with girls in the past. They are cleaner and normally don’t destroy the improvements I install inside the houses. After replacing the furnaces in four of the apartments, I decided to update the thermostats too. I researched all of my choices. I found three basic types from which to choose. I wasn’t all that interested in the non programmable thermostat. This thermostat is not going to conserve energy, because it forces the students to manually adjust temperature every time the head in or out. I didn’t want to install this kind because I am responsible for the energy bills. I wanted to have the ability to control the operation of the furnace. Another option I considered was a modern programmable thermostat. This seemed like a better solution. I could set the temperature to change at different times throughout the day. The final choice of thermostat was a wireless model. This was quite a change from the other options,  because it connects to the internet. I am able to access the thermostat from my  truthfully connect it to my smartphone or tablet. I invested a little more money into the wifi thermostat. Although it cost more, it gave me the most control. I can keep track of the temperature settings, and better  manage the bills.


Make sure your air quality is clean

When I first moved out by myself, I would call a technician whenever anything was wrong. I used to call about changing light bulbs. If my fridge seemed to be too warm, I would call someone to change the temperature settings. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed to call this often, it just got to get pretty expensive! So this year, while prepping for winter, I decided to watch a Youtube tutorial on how to clean a furnace. You may think this is a big step for me, and you’re right. It will be. Anyways, I read that dirt will be the biggest enemy to my central heat system. It wastes fuel and tends to make the furnace less efficient. So, I could clean the furnace, not only would I spend less on the technician, but I would also be saving money in my heating bills! When the actual furnace is running optimally, it uses a lot less energy, thus saving me money. I needed to make sure I cleaned the filter system, the blower, and the motor. This furnace filter was easy, because my filter was old, so I simply replaced it. Feeling very good about myself, I went on to locate the blower. This is where I ran into a problem, I don’t even know the place that the blower is. I tried to identify a tutorial with someone who has the same furnace model that I have, but I couldn’t find one. After trying for quite a while, I figured I was about to do more damage than good. So finally, I called my HVAC technician, who thought it was quite funny I was trying to clean my furnace by myself. I didn’t save money when calling a technician, but I did save on my bills. That counts for something, right?

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Make your A/C better

The past weekend we went to a neighborhood sporting event. My nephew was playing, so we decided to stop to investigate the tournament for a small amount of time. When we got there the particular temperatures were pretty high. It had been very humid out too. We went up to the concession stand to see if they had a cold pop and anything to snack on. They had a grill outside with hot dogs and hamburgers. Then inside that they had pop and snacks. I noticed it was a little weird they had an air conditioner inside the window and it was running. The front of the concession was wide open to serve some people at a time. They also had two doors around the building as well. However, these people’s air conditioner was still running. Inquisitive, I asked the lady in control why they bothered running the actual air conditioner if everything was being wasted anyways. She explained so they could step before it to cool off. I found this kind of interesting. Part of the kid’s fees for playing go to keeping the park up. They handle mowing and clean up, and also upkeep of the fields. The money from the concession stand also helps to fund the umpires. I thought it had been a waste of money running the air conditioner like that. We normally are sure our rooms are airtight and windows are locked prior to turning on our air conditioner or heater. We run both our heating and cooling long enough to generate the temperature of our house comfortable and then shut it off.

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Taking care of any HVAC problems

How can you know when your heating and cooling system is all about to die or has problems? The HVAC system will produce sounds, not produce enough heated up or cooled air, and have hot and cold spots. If your HVAC system is making noises, then it is not doing very well. This usually means there exists a piece inside your system that can be damaged or broken. A hissing noise could imply that your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. Some sort of grinding noise could mean your fan motor belt is harmed or needs lubrication. Also, there are rattling noises and this can be that the heat exchanger is actually cracked. A cracked heat exchanger is expensive to interchange and could release carbon monoxide. The HVAC technician should appear and fix this issue right away. Your system not producing sufficient heated or cooled air is frequently because the air or furnace filters that are clogged. A furnace, air conditioner or heat pump system all use a sort of filter. The filters come in numerous sizes and the holes within the filters are different sizes. In peak heating and cooling seasons, the filter should be cleaned from month to month. Also, the filter should be completely replaced after a few months of use. This will allow your system to generate more air. Additionally, the ventilation using your HVAC system could be impeded. Move your furniture away from your vents. Hot and cold spot could be caused by a leak in your air ducts. This issue results in high energy charges. All these common HVAC problems could be handled by your technician.home comfort

Make your HVAC system better

Technology is evolving more often. We look around and see everyone carrying a smartphone, working off of laptops or tablets, and reading books off of handheld devices. Everywhere we turn there is something being new and improved to replace what we presently own. However, we mostly see this with personal devices, but think about things for your home? A smart thermostat is amongst the newer technological advances made in the HVAC industry, and it’s catching on like wildfire. Nevertheless, why? If your current furnace and cooling system work just fine, why upgrade to something that has the same function as what you already have? Well, I have a few reasons: first off, you can control the device from your own phone. You won’t ever have to get up in the dead of the night to turn on the heat, or have to run back into the house to turn the heat down before you leave for an extended period of time. To top it all off, you will never have to come home to an uneasy house again. During the summertime, you will be able to click the air condition on when you are on your way home, making the impression of relief when you get home even better. Never again will you sit there and learn how to program your white plastic thermostat. Alternatively, you can control your home’s temperature from a phone, and better yet, via touchscreen technology. All in all, if you are planning on getting a smart thermostat, you ought to consult with your local HVAC technical assistant. They will be able to provide you with all of the knowledge you will need as well as some pointers how to best utilize your new thermostat to reduce your energy bills.

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Cleaning your air quality

During the winter time, I get many colds. When I get sick it lasts a long time too. I just lie on the couch and watch a lot of movies. I make my girlfriend take good care of me. I act like this type of big baby. The worse is when I can’t breathe out of my nose. If the heater is actually on, it makes the place even dryer. The humidity levels are increasingly low. This causes my nose to feel a lot more dry and painful. The constant blowing of my nose causes it to be worse. I have even made my nose bleed from blowing it to complete dryness before. Not only does having an absence of humidity make my colds even worse, but the lack of a correct air filtration system increases the complications. You need clean air in order to get healthy again. You can’t be breathing in a number of harmful debris and microorganisms. I wish to invest in a UV air cleanser. Those are the best you will get. Hospitals use them in operating rooms. They trap and get rid of even the smallest of microorganisms that can gather in your ductwork. It usually works jointly with your regular air filters. With the two of them, your furnace and air conditioner will simply blow out clean, fresh, as well as pure conditioned air. You can easily get over sickness or even prevent it altogether. It may be expensive to install at first, but think of all the amount of money you can save from not having to visit the doctors or pay for medications that your particular doctor prescribes.

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Reasons to use a professional HVAC business

I am independent. I do everything by myself without any help. My boyfriend gets mad. I love to carry all my bags myself and open all my own doors. He tries to get it done for me, and I take offense. Growing up with all brothers and dad, I guess I just gathered some male tendencies. I choose to fix my own problems rather than depend on someone else. One thing I did decide to leave to the professionals though, is installing my HVAC system. My boyfriend wanted to do it ourselves. We went to the local hardware store and saw all of our options of furnaces and air conditioners. There is no way we could’ve picked the correct system for our home. When we called a HVAC business, they sent in the professional. The HVAC technician came in and took a variety of measurements of our home. He checked our windows. He even checked our insulation within our home. He took every step important to provide us with the best overall HVAC system for the size of our home. The whole course of action was incredible. He was there taking measurements on a Tuesday and by Sunday of their same week, we had a working HVAC system. The cooling and also heating systems both worked fantastic. The entire home was evenly conditioned with both heated along with cooled air. The technician was also great throughout the process. He and his other helpers were all friendly and also knowledgeable. They were always prepared to explain any HVAC terms to help myself or my boyfriend once we were unsure. I am glad that we went with a professional. I couldn’t have imagined my sweetheart and I installing an HVAC system ourselves.

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Tips for working on your HVAC system

I never was required to buy my own things. My parents were always good about attending to my expenses. I always took it for granted. They always purchased my clothes each year, and supplied and stocked the fridge and pantry rich in groceries to eat. They also gave me an allowance right up until I graduated college. Now that I live by myself, reality has hit. I don’t ever have money. I work hard and get paid pretty well. I feel so stingy. I hate to waste my money on bills. Stuff like electric and gas for your car should be free. Spending your hard earned money is worse than getting any tooth pulled out. It’s not like bills are a few dollars either. Everything is a lot of money. For example, my home’s HVAC system quit working recently. I was expecting a hundred dollar repair. The repair was about 1000 dollars. I was in great shock. The price for a completely new installation and HVAC equipment was even worse. They had quoted me a couple of thousand dollars. HVAC equipment is necessary. I hate that. I wish I really could just use a fan and not an air conditioner. If I did, I would suffer from a heat stroke. In the winter, it gets down into the negative temperatures. Without a working furnace, I would get frostbite and be laying in a hospital bed. I never believed that furnaces or air conditioners broke down. My parents must’ve paid to have theirs tuned-up each year. We never had an emergency HVAC break down. We ended up never being without heated or cooled air. We were always at ease. I just need to be able to budget my money better. I want to learn to save more funds too.heater

Putting HVAC in your new house

If you’ve ever built a new house, you know how stressful of a process that may be. It is much more involved than most people believe it to be. As you may enjoy picking out the layout as well as the kitchen countertops, imagine choosing every fixture and every door handle inside your whole entire house. It is so much to take into account and you are constantly trying to avoid a decision you are likely to regret. Trust me, I’ve been there. So what should you know about building your own house if you are just starting the task. My first piece of advice for you personally is to ask your basic contractor if he knows a good HVAC company in the area. If he does, hire them to install your HVAC system. You may think your contractor is a intelligent guy and all, but I’d be willing to bet an HVAC technician knows how to put together your heating and cooling equipment better than a basic contractor. A professional HVAC service can also give you suggestions on where you can place your units, ductwork and even your staircase to be certain everything flows correctly. It may seem trivial, but believe me the place of your HVAC equipment is necessary when it comes to the performance of the entire system. Whether you think it’s critical or not, ask for help before creating a permanent decisions that haunt you for the remainder of your life. Your contractor is there to assist you to, but an HVAC provider will be there to educate you likewise. Take their advice.

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