HVAC replacements

Not long ago i went through a divorce. I was expecting this to occur because my wife and I have been unhappy for years. The little things were beginning to wear on me. Everything in our house had to be clean and I felt like I constantly was required to vacuum and clean out the HVAC system. She was nuts about our heating and cooling system. I cleaned and changed the filters regularly, but she was worried about mold in our air conditioner. An air conditioner gets mold because this is a moist system. I was constantly cleaning it to get rid of mold from the cooling coil. I eventually installed UV lights in the system to avoid the mold and mildew issues. The Ultraviolet lights furthermore helped my air ducts be less dusty. Ductwork would get less dirty at the same time. We had ductwork connected with our own air conditioning. I even invested in the special tool to repair and clean it. Crawlspaces and the attic ductwork was hard to go to. There is a special instrument that shoots air with dust into your ductwork. The adhesive particles will attack all the cracks and leaks in your ductwork. I was constantly restoring our ductwork. She wanted this clean and perfect. I always had to do lots of jobs around the house. We finally divorced and I managed to get a place of my own. I bought a ductless cooling model. I have no ductwork to deal with and am so much happier now that I don’t have HVAC maintenance to do. 

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Un-timely heater repairs

The holiday season is a stressful time for everyone. From being on your feet shopping all day, to wrapping presents and having tape stuck everywhere other than on the present itself, the very last thing you need is for your furnace to blow. Let set the scene – you just finished buying your sons new boyfriend a gift (which didn’t want to buy in the first place), then when you get home, you feel colder in your house than you normally do. You go to the thermostat and turn up the  temperature, only to hear a cracking sound coming from the furnace. Then silence. You know what this means – your furnace has just died. The first thing on your list is to call your local HVAC technician to see if you can get an emergency appointment. However, it is the holiday season, so the technician is a little backed up.  You will have to wait for him to install a new HVAC and this may take a few days – both waiting for the appointment as well as the installation of a new furnace. This situation could have been prevented with regular inspection of your central heating unit. You should clear the area surrounding the HVAC system as to ensure that it is working at the proper level. This will not only alleviate the need for an HVAC technician to come to your house, but will also help keep energy bills low. This happens because the furnace will not working be working on overdrive at all times, but will now be working effectively because you have taken the steps needed to ensure that the furnace is free of debris and dust. However, in case you have an emergency and require immediate assistance, the best thing you can do is call your HVAC technician to set up an appointment – whether you might need a new furnace installed or just need techniques to keep your system running proficiently, they will be there to help you!

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Heating systems that don’t use vents

We made a decision to put an addition on our home. Having been fortunate enough to get contractors in the family made this a fairly easy decision. Framing, electrical, and plumbing were looked after with ease. We then located the choice of how we might heat the space. The choices were limited because we had an existing system in the house. The original part of the home was heated with a furnace and had two zones. The boiler was perfect for the space that it was required to heat. We contacted a local HVAC company to determine what choices were available. Faced with the very costly choice of upgrading to a larger boiler and adding still another zone, they suggested a vent-free gas heating appliance. This system operates without a chimney, flue or vent, so you can install a system just about anywhere. We chose a wall mounted vent free unit that was sufficient for the new place. Another advantage to this system is that it doesn’t have an electric ignition system. This allows the unit to operate during the instance of a power outage. You should always contact a full-service retailer when selecting the most appropriate vent-free gas product for your needs and have the kitchen appliance professionally installed and serviced. All vent-free gas heating equipment sold within the U. S. today, regardless of the size, shape, appearance, heat output, or price, undergoes testing with a rigorous safety standard. 

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Making adjustments to your thermostat

Today’s world is really different than it used to be, isn’t it? I remember when the first video games were gaining popularity. They were nothing more than a few squiggly lines on a blank screen. Now, kids play games that look much like real life. It is totally incredible. The evolution of technology has affected virtually every industry. When it comes to a basic household, many homeowners now enjoy the use of digital systems. Not only is everything connected electronically, but things will also be connected wirelessly. Heck, even my own HVAC system is wireless these days. When my son told me to get rid of the dial thermostat on my wall earlier this season, I was confused as to what he meant. I told him I needed that to control my heater and air conditioner. He said that I should get a new thermostat that controls my HVAC units for me. I was definitely intrigued when he explained it fully. He arranged an HVAC specialist to come install a wireless thermostat in my home soon after. It is really cool. I programmed it how I wanted, but it controls itself most of the time. It talks to my heater and air conditioner even though I am not in the home. It’s kind of creepy having an HVAC system that knows whether you are home or not, but I got over that apprehension really rapidly. From this day forward, I am going to never have a dial thermostat for my heating and cooling equipment ever again. Now I need to play these new video games!smart thermostats

Restaurants with bad zone control

I enjoy warm weather but when it is 90 degrees out and a heat index of 100 I find shelter! I decided to take my niece shopping and also to lunch. Walking around indoors was pleasant because doing so was cooler and you didn’t feel so sticky. Everyone loves that first cool blast of cool air when it’s super hot out. We noticed the extreme change in temperature plus the numerous air ducts throughout the restaurant when we sat at our table. The air duct was directly above our own heads and blasting cool oxygen on us. We went from being sticky warm to freezing in minutes. We asked to go to another table but that wasn’t helping because the whole room was un-comfortable. We asked why the restaurant was so cold and the manager said they had contacted their HVAC provider and didn’t have any luck getting the air conditioner serviced. No matter what they set the thermostat to, the air conditioner just ran continuously. air conditioner repairs might be costly but so can your HVAC running continuously. Seeing I worked in repairs and HVAC service contracting I gave them some heating and cooling technical help to see if they might be able to fix their HVAC unit. Not only were they losing business from customers leaving. But, the energy they were wasting was quite costly. Customers can get quite upset and leave when the heating and cooling isn’t working properly.

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Preventing heat leaks around your home

Last semester, my boyfriend lived within a large apartment complex. Throughout most of the  winter he kept an air conditioner in his bedroom window. The apartments were unpleasantly warm. The office management would set the thermostat high, I’ll give him that. But being a business major and learning to budget all I really could see was poor money management on the owner’s behalf. All of my boyfriends utilities were included so he wasn’t the one spending money on the heating bills. But the main office truthfully had to have these ridiculously high energy bills for that office. Now if he ended up using his air conditioner, I’m sure others tenants were using their air conditioners or fans as well. It just seems very wasteful for the leasing office. While they’re cranking the gas furnaces up, all the tenants are just cranking up their air conditioners. They need to find a happy medium for all involved. Perhaps their thermostats weren’t calibrated. Maybe they had one temperature set, and the calibration in the thermostat was off so the furnace had been running much more frequent for all apartments and also to a higher degree. They should fix the problem. Being a decent size apartment complex, they need to handle their costs. By having a good HVAC technician come and do an inspection, they could resolve the situation. Perhaps certain tenants in the complex were complaining about his or her apartments being too cold so that is the reason for the excessive heating. Those apartments must be checked for air tightness. the heat might be escaping out gapes in the windows and doors from those apartments. Looking into all the opportunities could really be saving everyone, including the tenant’s money because I’m sure management would have to increase rent to pay for costs.

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The facts of radiant flooring

You can find so many options to bring heat into your house. You could have a central heater installed. There are three main types of furnaces, gas, electric, and oil. Another option is to put in a boiler. Theses are typically expensive and rather bulky for a home. Heat pumps offer a nice variety of heat and even cooling, but are best for homes in moderate climates and nothing too extreme. One last option is to install radiant flooring into your property. Radiant flooring is great because the floors at home are the way your property is heated. The floors are either installed with electric or hydronic heating under your floorboards. Electric heat pads are placed and wired through your home to control the heat. This method is rather uncomplicated for a homeowner themselves to be able to install. The best option is actually hydronic radiant flooring. This option brings scalding hot water to your floors in piping that radiates heat through the floors. Hydronic radiant flooring is more cost-effective and costs less to work than electric floor heating. However, this option has to be professionally installed by a HVAC business. Everything in your home is heated from the floor, so this system makes sense. Compared to a regular furnace, which typically brings all of its heat to the hall, radiant flooring is a better heating option. The furniture in your home will be warmer, you won’t have to freeze all the time. Your feet will always be toasty too. Once installed, radiant flooring doesn’t need to be tuned-up or inspected like other HVAC equipment. You can simply install and enjoy.

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How to clean your air

Air quality is essential in having a comfortable and welcoming home. I am stuck up with regards to the air I breathe. I rarely check out others homes because I know that most people don’t care much about the air they breathe. It may very well be filled with dog hair, or nasty contaminants and people wouldn’t think twice about that. When I was younger I recall going over to a friends house and then choking on dog hair the entire time. I remember they had close to 15 dogs in their household. When I purchased my house I knew I had to find a good HVAC system component so that I could handle purifying my air. There have been several options. Some of the specifications included a dehumidifier/humidifier, an air cleanser and then a ultraviolet air cleaners. After doing research and conversing with my HVAC technician, it seemed pretty apparent that we should have a UV air cleaner installed in my home. It’s the best and most efficient product on the market that can take care of quality of air with no problem. Most hospitals use it since it makes the air clean and pure for everyone. This is absolutely something home’s need to have too. It is estimated that you would spend at least 80 percent of your time indoors. Why should you always be breathing unhealthy air? UV electronic home air cleaners can destroy and trap even the tiniest of microorganisms. It attacks their DNA to halt the growth and destroy its capacity to contaminate. Once installed, you need to do very little to maintain them. It is worth the expense.

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Air leaks can be very problematic

We cannot remember who exactly it turned out to be, but I learned in school a very influential person in history use to leave their windows open, even within the winter. They believed that this could allow fresh air to enter the house, and they could avoid getting really sick. Personally, this seemed as a long shot when I heard it. Why the heck would you allow freezing air to enter your home, when you’re probably paying a ton to heat it. Sure, back then it was probably just a wooden fire burner, but still. Someone had been chopping that wood and breaking their back keeping the flames lit. Could you imagine just forking over money to run your electric powered or gas furnaces, only to have that be leaking from an opened window? That does not really make much sense. In truth, most HVAC professionals advise you to ensure your property is actually airtight so the opposite happens. You want to allow the heated air being blown into your house to circulate. It is proven that most of your leaking air stems from your windows and doors. Therefore, before winter begins, you will need to get them sealed tight. Not only has the heating equipment evolved because first innovators made a solid wood burning furnace, but so has the filtration systems. Most folks have air filtration systems inside their ductwork that allows fresh air to be brought into their home. It filters out the grimy contaminants that could make you sick. Although you ought to leave your home periodically, in the winter it may well be best to just allow your HVAC unit to do it’s job in providing the fresh air and humidity control.

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Temperatures and the importance of a HVAC system

I have been the general manager of this rather small museum here in town for quite a while. While some people may think working for a museum sounds boring because the truth is that we see the same things every single day, I can tell you that I don’t agree. I see people’s reactions every day and those are always one of a kind and rewarding. That is what I love about my job. However, it became hard last year when the building’s HVAC equipment begun to malfunction. As much as I like the people I work with, the owner is a horrible person. He hates to spend cash even if it’s to better his investment. He didn’t want to spend the money to obtain a new air conditioner last summer. Most of our business comes during the summer because kids are off from school and parents are always seeking something new to try. I was so fed up one day, that I walked right into the office and told him I would quit if the cooling equipment was not replaced. I think he thought I was joking at first, but then he saw I was extremely serious. He called the local HVAC company that specialized in commercial heating and cooling the following day. We had a brand brand new air conditioner in each room of the museum within a month. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. All it took to obtain additional customers was the latest piece of HVAC equipment. Had the owner actually realized this, I think he would have taken care of the situation much sooner than he did.

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